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We're running a Pirate King Online Giveaway! You get free stuffs, your friends get free stuffs, everyone get free stuffs! This means all you have...
Summer is so hot this year. And so do our carnival. The third week of July will begin shortly and here are the details for the third week...
Melons! Walking, Moving, Attacking Melons! It started with Physican - Ditto becoming curious with Whammy Lamb's salvia, however being clumsy The...
Comic-Con you say? We also have great Artists among PKO players. This Year, we once again challenge our players to draw a comic about PKO pirates'...
Summer is so hot this year. And so do our carnival. The second week of July began and here are the details for the second week, sometime before...
All Items in this Flash Sale will be available from July 7 12:00:01 UTC. Pirate King Online Team

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