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We're excited to allow players to simultaneously participate in deciding which event they want to see and enjoy the event itself. "Decide our next...
We will be running hexathlon this Saturday (March 30) and Sunday (March 31) with a total of six rounds 15 minutes per each for all players below...
Everyone loves April Fools', but especially Pappa, who is known to be a trickster. He enjoys pulling tricks on other NPCs on this special day...
This message is aftermath of the original topic/event https://pirateking.online/threads/pirate-lords-siege.6910/ After a long day of battling and...
Ahoy pirates! Let's talk a bit about your account protection. Pirate King Online, as an Internet-based service, is subject to the danger of...
All Items in this Flash Sale will be available from March 15 00:00:01 UTC. Pirate King Online Team

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