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Have you been working or studying this fall? What about some physical exercise? Want to test how fast you become! That why a Grand Hexathlon this...
Deals everywhere! What will you purchase on the upcoming Black Friday? Pirate King Online is hosting a specially limited sale on Friday, Nov 29...
Granny Maya's worried some of her close relations will not visit her thanksgiving gathering, she has not yet heard back from the acquainted. She's...
Granny Maya's always cheerful when it comes to holiday, but she cannot ignore the fact it also means Drunk Uncle will not stop coming to her...
Granny Maya loves her homemade Pumpkin Pie! After all who doesn't like pumpkin pie?! The demand for pumpkin pie is too damn high! Granny Maya is...
Granny Maya is furious! She hates Terrible Turkey so much, her blood is boiling like a magma! She's upset, annoyed, and tired of Terrible Turkey...

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