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May 4, 2019
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Summer Love

Across the seven seas
Evil lurks on summer isle
Pirates rose to face the challenge
Only to fall one after another

Then came a call to make a stand
Pirates united hand in hand
The dawn of guilds arrived at last
Joining hands, ending the dragon's reign

Friendships built were everlasting
Relations forged, rooted deep
The love for one another ran down to the core
Nothing as an obstacle anymore



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Feb 21, 2019
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Summer Love

It started with days of endless wandering
So lost and lonely, it all felt empty
It was summer when a pirate guild took me in
Gave me a place, a sense of belonging

Around the world people came
Having heard stories about this guild that was on the rising
Laughter, banter, random runs and adventures
Together we did everything throughout the summer

The end of summer came all too soon
But the bonds formed were not easily severed
Although the time came to part our ways
But the hearts that were left behind will forever remain​


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Feb 25, 2019
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~Summer Love~

It was summer when I first came across him
All the way in the valleys of Valhalla
A chance encounter that was oh so precious
A pirate that was different from the others

Greetings were exchanged and the conversation took flight
He talked of a future of a pirate guild different from others
One that treasured friendship above all else
Putting aside differences and material needs

A period came when we went our separate ways
Seasons passed and the land evolved
Until one day the chance encounter again took place
It was summer again when we once again met

Recognition sparked despite our different names
A rush of surprise and joy surged through
A quick exchange brought us both up to date
He had indeed achieved his dream from long ago

Sypno corp, a guild different from the others
One that valued bonds above all else
The guild chats were endless and the time spent, priceless
We had more fun beyond one's imagination

The guild grew and so did the inside jokes
More and more were drawn to join
We continued to rise and hit our peak
And began to rival the top pirate guilds

He continued to lead and kept the guild together
By his side I stayed throughout the venture
Though there were times we were pushed to the edge of a cliff
But there were no storms that we could not weather

Seasons passed and we literally grew up together
However, reality caught up and the time came to return
One last guild screenie at our guildspot by Salvier
Though reluctant, we bid farewell and parted ways

And so summer is a season that is indeed significant
For it was always summer when it all took place
Though we know things could never revert to the way it was before
Our summer love will forever be carved onto our most cherished memories


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Oct 30, 2016
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The gentle caress of the shore breeze warms my body inside
For summertime was the season when she conquered my heart
A pirate in his feelings, oh my, what a rare thing to see!
Only such immense treasure could have gotten through me

Countless rivers I pursued to finally encounter the sea
A whole new world awaiting us, no longer to be unseen
To the furthest reaches of this earth we sailed as one
Amidst Deep Blue, Ascaron and the Magical Ocean

In equal fashion as a lustrous diamond is created
From pressure we grew, dismissing the rough pain
My utmost precious jewel, her glare shined so intense
Not even the sparkling sun dared to compare to her

Summertime has come again and with it she came as well
She now is my everything, when I see her I hear church bells
Up in Heaven and deep down Abaddon, we have made It this far
From now on, no matter what, can we stay together forever?


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Jul 17, 2016
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Summer love in argent

The blue sky does not move,
There is no single cloud.
Quiet at midday in summer
The light of tar is also cleaned.

There is something in the summer sky,
There is something that makes me feel ugly,
Hatred Shrub, burnt and thick
It blooms in the countryside station.

Nurturing children well,
The silver mine train whistle sounds like a mother.
When running near the mountain.

While running near the mountain,
The silver mine train whistle sounds like a mother.

When it is hot at midday in summer.


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May 31, 2016
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This time around, It got hard to decide because each submission was really nice.
After a long time debating, our judges came into conclusion:
1st place: @retributtons
Summer Love
Colors of two wandering hearts

As I traveled through Oasis,
Met a Cleric named Phyllis;
She struck my heart at first glance,
So I told her my name was Lance;

We went fishing in Shaitan,
Sun so hot her skin turned tan;
She sang with a voice so mellow,
As her staff sparkled bright yellow;

She chased penguins in Icicle,
Got tired and had a Popsicle;
Does she even have a clue,
That without her I’d feel so blue;

As the night fell in Argent,
Had a talk with a friendly Treant;
Laid with her in grass so green,
Hand in hand with my only queen;

Those beautiful days in Summer,
Cherished our moments together;
Blessed with a wonderful feeling,
In the vast world of Pirate King;
2nd place: @gonGGuez
Summer Love

Pirates love to plunder the sea
I will be better
Reading out this letter
Also made by me
To show my love for the ocean, till the end is near
Evil may appear, but we show no fear

King's and Queen's, do not give us orders
I do what I intend with my significant others
Nobody's is safe, when my fleet its nearby
Gonna hunt some more hidden tresures, ayee

Only those with courage, may taste the victory
No other soul that crumble got the same destiny
Love for the girl of my life, sweet and shy
Is so perfect that girl, I cannot deny
Never forget the day, I heard her sing
Earth will shake, with the Pirate King.

PS: check the first letter of every line
3rd place: @Ci3l0
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