Valentines Story!


Squid Slayer
Jul 17, 2016
Aimen clutches his carribbean shirt to his chest, which is sending radiations of warmth and pain at the same time; a result of rough scratching during an encounter the night before with his lover. He lets another beam escape from the coral in his hand damaging the monsters that are chasing him before turning to run again. He feels a sharp pain in his side and crumples to the floor. He touches it briefly and upon feeling a jolt of pain, realizes he is bleeding profusely. In front of him are yetis approachind rapidly. He lets loose another ray from his coral, felling one enemy, but three still approach. At this time the pain becomes unbearable. Things start to turn grey as he bites his lip nervously.
As the monsters draw close enough to extract the last little ember of life from him, he hears a thud. His eyes light back up. Out of no where a figure donning a kimono and two glowing swords appears, slaughtering the yetis. Aimen clutches his chest. The figure appears instantly in front of Aimen's flushed face. Aimen, upon recognizing the face as that of his lover, kisses him quickly, interrupting the words he was about to speak. After pulling apart, Aimen points down at his own side that is covered in blood. "Ace, I didn't mean to get hurt..."
"Stop it." Ace responded. He pulled a cantina filled with elven fruit juice out to heal him. "I was supposed to use this to help the guild in chaos argent, but I feel that your life is worth more than any guild." Aimen, sipping vigorously, noticeably seems more alive. The bleeding slows to a halt and as he looks up to thank Ace, he was greeted with a kiss. Afterwards, all he heard was "don't ever scare me like that again."