Using BB Codes on the forum!


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Jul 6, 2016
A while back Luiza made this thread explaining alot of people how to use the BB codes and "Embed posts." After some time the forum changed it's layout and the webpage aswell, so i thought i'd make a new "refreshing" guide on how to use the BB codes!

What is BB codes?
BBCode or also known as Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language, often used to format posts in many forum boards.
In other words, it's a small code that persists of a mini image of either an item, npc, monster...etc. In short a BB code can help and make item/mob/NPC displaying in the forum much more proffesional, giving it an more cool look to as people can show the items as this:
Sacro Sword
or monsters as this Humpy Camel
Hovering the cursos over any of these BB codes will provide you with small info about the monster/item, to view the full information about them, click on them

So how is this useful?
If new players/returning players have forgotten how this game works, it's often a refreshing memory to have items/monsters/NPC's appear visiauly for them in a thread, made by other players. That way they can regain their memories of how things are. Not only that, but for selling things in the market section, it makes the whole purpose much more intressting when the seller provides a full item list of his/her's as displayed with BB codes, as this is much easier to be viewed as an seller overview.

So how do i add BB codes here on the forum?
To start adding BB codes to any text here on the forum you must firstly start with deciding if you would want to add a BB code for a Item, or rather for a NPC or monster. Once your decided, you can head over to and select forexample "Monster" Select forexample "Humpy Camel"

After you clicked on it, a new page will appear with esentinal info about this monster, as you scroll futher down on the page, you will see to the right side under "Share this monster"

Here you can see the page link, and the BB Code specific for this monster. Now copy that BB Code Link, and simply paste it anywere here on any forum post, and it will show like this:

Humpy Camel

The same goes with items

All the BB Codes for either NPC, Monster or Items are all dispalyed on the same place on the screen, so its easy to spot them and copy them to a forum thread! :blue_squid_2:

Hope this mini guide helped some of you guys using the BB codes and using the forum for its full potentional!
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