[ToP/PKO] Story #1


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Aug 31, 2016
It was during a fight-intense period of time during the renown 2928th Chaos Argent opening.
Basically it was the marry declaration of one person to another in the middle of battle dodging bullets and projectiles and skulls as if nothing while talking.
Featuring characters;
"Soprano" the person.
"Director" the person.
And the others, the other persons.

"Soprano! As I'm telling you, I love you! Please be with me in the future!"

"Uhg, what are you saying!? Why say this now!?"
"Tsch, I almost got distracted!! Whose fault do you think it would be if I got hit by a flash bomb, Director!¿ WHy don't we leave this topic for later...!? Ah!!"
It seems this time it was a giant apparel-like hammer what passed by her head, dodged to the inch of some centimeters.
"Ah Soprano don't be lovely!! Don't you see – aahh I sense danger! Move, me!"
"–Oh that was not a normal arrow. It must have been fired from a Twilight user...sigh Oh!– Soprano, still there?"
"No, I am not! I am too busy dodging these attacks to pay attention to such a soft-weakling like you, stupid stupid!! So continue talking though I for sure might not hear you!..!"
"As I was saying–!!"
A Level 5 Radiation skull grazed past Director by a small margin, again as was the same for incoming swords that came flying from probably stressed players.
"–Yes, Please be with me from now on!!"
"Iiidiot!!! Don't say that in the middle of the battelfield..!! Idiiiot!!"
Her Energy Shield shaped like a hand and gave a small palm touch to an incoming Grenade made by some terrorist guild, slightly deviating its trajectory. It was so soft, so gentle deviation that it didn't trigger the grenade. The grenade was to continue flying towards its destiny (poor players!), when Soprano started whispering.
"Spiritual Bolt!!! – Imbue extra dense version"
"Ahhh!!!! I want to be caressed and gently patted in the head by those hands!!!! I'm so envious of that grenade!!!"
An explosion the size of medium clouds came up from behind their current them, who were moving while flowing precisely as to continue talking.
"Would you also have liked it, to receive the imbued Spiritual Bolt energy I set dormant in there?...!"
"Uhm yes yes, anything! Don't you see – wait ah-, another Twilight arrow – that this is about love...!! We've known each other for a long time!"
"'Long' you say? It has only been since kinds when we were rised in that ninja village! That's practically nothing! Even 100 year-old grandmas are only considered kids!"
Director suddenly saw something that terrified him to the bones.
Behind her where Sorprano was walking, there was – that Phantom Black Dragon summoned? – No, there was a loose stone tile that was shaky on the floor.
"Careful Soprano!! You're in danger in there!!"
They were 20m apart at this moment.
And just behind Soprano there was a slow motion entering-into-a-Roar Phantom Black Dragon.
"That loose stone tile!! You could fall over and trip!!"
Director said this as a Fury Kara staff swung around at a perceivable 5000km/h by the location where he had been.
"Iiidiot! I know that already don't you see I'm being careful!! I obtained an A+ in side-stepping class!! I'm a genius!! Not like you who took an A+ in Trolling class!!"
"Whooops here let me get out of this radius...!"
He moved swiftly to some meters to the side.
And just then at the moment of getting out, a pink Abyss-coming light came up from the depths of below, rising to the infinite sky.
"It's you who should be watching out, iiidiot! Do you think girls can't watch over themselves!?"
"No I was not saying that?!?? Anyway it's a wonder how these stones were so well made... To make an Abyss attack coming from below Abaddon Eternal to go through without breaking them through in the process. No please I wasn't saying that, seriously?!?!"
"Hgum... You'll have to pay the price you know...? I want compensation... please invite me to dancing together... But don't make the wrong idea, idiot idiot! This is just a compensation!"

A Cross-attack came.
From behind the unimportantly-for-this-story raging-Phantom Black Dragon that seeked attention but the plot couldn't give him, came a Black Dragon Roar of the highest caliber... Yeah, right, who cares about that. It ought to be strong anyway, right? Then moving on.

Then, as for the Abyss Kara swinging her big staff as if he was cutting weeds doing gardening, seemingly hitting the air only, trying to hit a guy either physically or spiritually, she couldn't hit him, even though countless rampaging players had been partly slain by her and that's why those boy and girl were so free right now; he accumulated an super giga ultra hyper cyberneticulous Mega strong Magical Attack on her staff, and swung it with all the knowledge of the depths of millions of years training and having acquired know-hows... But who cares about that, right? It'd be told as a strong attack anyway so let's continue on.

As the two energies were to collide, some impetuous voices still eachoed.

"Aww yeahh!!! Ah-Exploding lamb- FInally I can express my love to you!! Soprano!"
"Idiooot! That's what you've been doing all along...!!! It doesn't change a thing if we go somewhere or not because we've been talking anyway!! even though it makes it more important for us with the symbology. of placing import.. -...But I want to go because I've never been there so I want to see it. So don't make the wrong idea!"

That was that - the power of love was far stronger than those attacks.

"So you'll go out with me today?!?!"
"Yeah, I mean, it's not that tomorrow I am busy, but today after reading the agenda I don't seem to have any more plans so I would be bored this afternoon...! That's why..!! Director.!"
"Awww yess!! I got totally not the wrong idea, and this is coming from my heart this time, be tranquil about this! But awww yeahhhh!!!"

The next moments, were all recorded on Heaven's history of this universe.
It all happened in slow motion.
Director went running towards Soprano, her, in quite a funny face.
And Soprano, while making steps and moving as to not let some dust from the ground dirty her Energy Shield surface, she also flowed.

A raging (-AGING- plot-wise) Phantom Black Dragon who couldn't take it anymore and said with inner words that he would retire after this and not being able to have the spotlight of the story, quietly with all typical empty-of-meanings noise had that Black Dragon Roar pressure of spiritual vortex of half-untangible energy flying expressing itself through the pressure of air.
On the other hand, that some Abyss Fury Kara who wasn't reading the mood and had come to the wrong story, launched her final spiritual attack imbued with 60% or you could say even some almost 5% more of her energy in a single strike. Well, you call it strike, though first it should have hit something to call it "strike"! She had her ego of countless years trying to invade and plan the ToP/PKO world, to then be ignored in the final surprise appearance to the outside world, emerging from below and coming through a certain moment's Chaos Argent rift. Taking most of the Chaos Argent players out, that were suspiciously concentrated around a certain specific area very busy doing their thing, while sending the world protecting armies that had traced her energy and were very serious about protecting the world... flying to the sky, if not evaporating those armies. However.

They had come to the wrong story to do these things.

Director's thought had been "It's not my fault if you choose this moment to come do your cunningly traced malevolous plans, stupid! It is an important day for me today so don't be in the way!" and Soprano's voice in her thoughts couldn't have been any harsher.
The result was, that the Phantom Black Dragon was self-esteem scarred for life, even though he was a spectre remnant, so he returned to his 4th dimensional rift home. That was, he was sent flying there no-choice before he became aware of it, pushed and almost 1-shotted by a certain Kara strike that had been launched opposite to him, as he had been too focused on aiming for one girl. Dat guy, couldn't he see another guy was after that girl...?

As for Kara, she was bumped in the head by some certain flying spectral Black Dragon Immaterial Roar, and tripped backwards, even though she didn't have any feet, and even though she was flying, because her soul was crying inside that she didnt want to be the bad-guy-role anymore and that it was tiring, and that she wanted to reincarnate as a Piglet for 3999 lives to forget these moments and carry on to new adventures more interesting than the Abyss competitions; that reason she happened to be not aware for a moment, lose focus, and trip down with that distracting bumping Roar.

As for the final result, yes, not of the battle, but of course of the date,
Director and Soprano were happy and ate a lot of cakes, mostly doing lovely situations making Director feed her while she also had to feed him with small spoons, the portions of those sweet white cakes, those with red little things on top.
It was said (in fact not, but let's imagine) at those moments, that they couldn't have cared any less about the world at those moments.
Because apart from being happy themselves, they were also happy with the company of the other.
And they were happy and they discovered the truth of the meaning of love to all things after experiencing it themselves.


It was also said that one day, during a date, a world-invading alien fleet came out from a giant meteorite that had fallen down and created a rift to the current Winter Island... – But that is another story, though the story of course is not about the aliens and Pumpkin Scythe Rippers and snowy Pumas that day, but about the date a certain pair of people had that day, ended up going to shop something all the way looking through the world until Aurora Area and later going to find some hair ornament in Dark Area.
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This guy is meant for something bigger, and im not joking!

It was great reading this Ultra!!! Keep it up!!!