Game Event Summer Cookout


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May 31, 2016
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If there's anything to be certain it's summer, it's the scent of cooking food, only you are certain it is summer! In Pirate King Online, we've decided to have plenty of cook-outs! There is a bonfire that's placed at Northgate Argent beach near the melon bartender, talk to it to begin your cookout today! You will be required to bring lots of food ingredients, and now is a good time to start using our game database to locate those foods as they all come from various monsters all over! The special food you might cook will give an incredible boost to your character, however, they will perish quickly so be sure to eat them up soon! The bonfire and food will be finished at the end of July month, so what are you waiting for, get your first cookout!

  • Talk to bonfire NPC to see what you can cook
  • Bonfire NPC will tell you what is required to cook
  • Visit our database to find out where food comes from
  • Collect the food and Cook them!

Pirate King Online Team