Event Snowball Arena


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May 31, 2016

Winter has arrived upon us, and that means it's time for Snowball Arena! Snowball Arena is a special zone where you and your friends can PvP or MvM each to others using only snowballs! Inside a complex and cleverly tactically angled map, there has never been more competitive when it comes to snowball fighting!

: Argent bar
When: Dec 23 - Till Winter Ends!
Details: Any player can participate, there are no requirements at all, to join and play snowball arena you will need to first go to a designated area. Inside this area, you may send PvP or MvM requests and select a snowball map and when all entrants accept the invitation, each team will be sent to side of the snowball arena. Immediately, all characters are outfitted with Christmas apparel, depending on which side, there is a red and green team. Inside the snowball arena, you may not use any skills or items, or melee. Instead, you must gather and collect snowballs from Snowman by clicking on him. You can carry a max of 20 snowballs at once, if you run out, you'll need to go back to Snowman and collect more snowballs. To use snowball, use it like any other item, double click the item or place the item into your shortcut bar. You can throw snowball similarly how you cast conch strike, meaning it's target-area, not target-point where you would have to click on a character/monster. The target-area is very small and requires good aim, it can damage multiple people (provided if they all are in a line) just as voyager's conch strike would. All snowballs do 10% of MXHP and mini-stuns (so it always takes 10 hits no matter what class or level you are, similarly any of your equips are forfeited as you would not regen HP or gain movement speed bonuses). Additionally, there is a small chance for the snowball to do critical damage (call it snowball HEADSHOT!) which deals 20% MXHP instead! Additionally, there is a very short cooldown on throwing snowballs. While the match is expected to last for short time, should the matching stall, there will be a Greedy Santa spawned in the middle of the arena, steal its bag and return to your side to win! You can kill this Greedy Santa (and whoever last hit the greedy santa) will become "slow" and have shining aura this character, you can now instant-win the match ONLY if you manage to return to your side alive. You do not have necessarily to kill the greedy santa, but should both sides refuse to come around (spawn campers) you can then, go kill the greedy santa and return to your side instead. In MvM mode, if you've killed greedy santa and die, the "slow" state will be passed to the next alive team mate.

So in summary:
  • Free to play all you want!
  • All players play equally, nobody is stronger or powerful!
  • Simple but fun Mechanism to allow exciting battles!
  • Fail-safe system in-case both side is cowards and refuse to go out of spawn!
  • Reinforcements of team-ally by making each side outfitted synchronized Christmas set!
  • Stay alive OR steal the santa bag to win!

Pirate King Online Team