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May 31, 2016

Ahoy pirates! Let's talk a bit about your account protection.

Pirate King Online, as an Internet-based service, is subject to the danger of unwanted access, like many other online gaming services.
Generally, there is a high risk of losing all your progress should a case of unwanted access happen.

There are several layers of protection over your accounts in Pirate King Online.

The simplest one is the game account password. It is a rather weak means of protection, due to players occasionally trying similar games as PKO out, while using the same password. It is not too reliable due to the fact that some owners of illegal servers, focusing on their profits, use the collected data from their servers to try and access PKO accounts. This can lead to theft and loss of progress.

The next layer is locking inventory in-game. Using Lock of Mystic you can protect your items from being stolen, even if a thief got access to your game character. To unlock the inventory, use the Security (PIN) Code for the game account. It is created when you first log into the game with the particular game account. If you forgot it, you can reset the PIN in the game accounts panel located at

Next is the usage of Two Factor Authentication. Use your phone or main computer to generate one-time passwords for logging in. If the game account was accessed from a new device or location, or a certain amount of time has passed, the game client will ask you for the 2FA code. You can find more information on setting up and using 2FA in the guides or in the thread about 2FA.
This method of protection partially replaces and improves the previous one. For example, to unlock your inventory, you will no longer need a PIN, rather a one-time 2FA password. The Pirate King Online team strongly recommends this method of protection, as it has proven to be the most reliable.
If a player does not want to use 2FA, theoretically, his data remains under the threat of hacking. Therefore, we have introduced another level of protection for those who do not use 2FA.

The new security layer is Entry Guard. If you log into the game from a new computer, you will be asked to allow access to this device on the website. If you are already logged into the website, you will receive a message like "Hello %username%. There was an attempt to enter the game from an unknown device.", with 2 options: Allow or Reject.
If you allow access to a new device, you can return to the game. Otherwise, this device will be blocked from entering your game accounts. If you didn't allow or deny access, it will be denied by default. This can, however, be changed at the following link:
If you accidentally denied access, you can clear the list of devices at in the Device Management section.

The Entry Guard system is in learning mode at the moment, but in the near future, it will be turned on full power. Note that the entry guard system does not affect users who have set 2FA up.
Lastly, should you see a message in the client that your device is unknown, check the website. If no message about it is shown there, reach out to us by writing a Forum topic in Support section or by contacting Staff on our Discord server.

And remember, your protection is in your hands!

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Jul 6, 2016
This is why i love this damn game, they take account safety and security very seriously! Keep it up PKO Team!!!