Social Event Post-A-Screenshot


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May 31, 2016

Summer breeze is among us, sharing your favorite screenshots with your friends and world has never been more fun! To participate in this event is simply to take a screenshot of Pirate King Online, however, you desire and post the said screenshot to one of the social media sites. After you've posted the screenshot on one of following social media sites, return back here and create a forum post describing your submission, providing a link (URL) to your social media posting containing the screenshot.
  • Screenshots must be friendly and nice for everyone to view
  • Screenshots may be edited with tools like Photoshop, however, they must retain originality and;
  • Screenshots needs to be able to recognize what game (Pirate King Online)
  • Screenshots shouldn't be too small or large, a typical medium picture (stick to the original resolutions if you are not sure)
  • Screenshots can be posted in just one social or multiple social media sites
  • You are only required to submit at least one screenshot at least one social media site to qualify for this event
  • There will be Four total of winners on basis of:
    • Most Funniest Screenshot
    • Most Cutest Screenshot
    • Most Nostalgic Screenshot
    • Most Summer Screenshot
  • Players will submit their screenshots as neutral, meaning it is up to you make your screenshot humorous or beautiful, we (judges) will solely pick out winners for each basis ourself. This means please do not mention or explicitly state what basis you are gunning for, IE "This is my 'funniest' screenshot"
  • Winners are selected by Event Judges after the end of event submission period
  1. Beginning at July 5
  2. Ending at July 20 23:59 UTC
  3. Four winners (equal winners | equal rewards)
  4. Each winner will receive three High-Amplifier of Strive, three High-Amplifier of Luck, and a bundle of ten Party EXP Fruit.
Pirate King Online Team
Apr 20, 2019

A bit of my social media is private! But this one isn’t. The photo is actually a throwback and has a story to it, a bit over 10 years ago my brother and I(14, and 16 at the time) would rush home after school or sports to play ToP. We got 30 minutes of computer time a day and we spent it together in game and with our game friends. One day my brother decided to make a champ guide to display what he knew and help those looking for a build. Thus the guide the photo on the left was taken from had been born. Eventually we lost interest and time, but we played the game maybe 3 years total! A month ago an old friend I haven’t talked to in forever snapchatted me a photo from the PKO forums, someone had linked the guide to help someone with their champ build! The nostalgia instantly hit me when I saw my buffer(ImCon) in the picture and I made an account and began playing again immediately! :’) My brothers in game name is UMP40, and I’m the champ and voy pictured, but I’m glad his guide has helped many people to date and I defiantly used it as my cheat sheet when making my champ. Also sorry to be misleading, ImCon was and always has been a full SPR char.