Make the game compatible for Ubuntu! (Popular Linux Distribution for "Linux Gaming")


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Aug 31, 2016
Ubuntu is the main flagship for Linux gaming compatibility and advertisements, driver updates, etc, etc. and nowadays a lot of game developers are making their games truly cross-platform; not only for Windows (DirectX) or Mac, but also Linux (OpenGL or Vulkan for example). SteamOS and Steam in general have been widening its selection of Linux games as a realistic, fast and efficient Gaming Platform during these last 3-4 years of companies and open source people making good drivers to play videogames on Linux.
This operating system, among other things, is known for its stability and "not real need for an Antivirus", which all Windows' need if you surf the internet.

People who use Ubuntu or such Linux operating systems may find it annoying to have to install Windows just to play this game, which can't work with direct workarounds and needs crazy constructs like virtual machines with 2 alternating desktops just for a game. It would boost some playerbase, and improve image, open up possibilities if the same code could be reused at maximum but ported in a way that can be played on Windows (10/8.1/7)+Ubuntu (any long term version).

The suggestion is to, at some point, be able to play Pirate King Online on Ubuntu, as it is the most supported platform out-of-the-box for games, with AMD and NVIDIA drivers in their latest optimizations. Some kind of Launcher that was compatible Windows+Ubuntu, and the Client as well, running on both with a cross-compatible code easy to update once and publish at both at the same time.

TOP/PKO is not a resource-intensive videogame and it would only need some work, even if it wasn't heavily optimized for multicores, etc, that modern titles really need, but PKO may not have to. Original requeriments were about 128MB of RAM, and Pentium 4's, with maybe 16MB graphics cards...?

Also an interesting point that could come up from this suggestion is the possibility to play at unlocked 60 FPS refresh rate or more, like 144Hz or 240Hz. It would truly bring the Competitive level of the game up a tier during those heavy flashbomb fights in Black Dragon raids of 30 vs 30+. This last idea may get its own Uservoice instead.
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Jul 6, 2016
I like the idea, but i think it requires alot of work!