Guide LvLing 100 agi Crusader Guide

Jan 12, 2018
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This guide doesnt fit for DS or FS its only for high lvl players.
Builds\Gear in this guide u can use on STR(slasher 210 aspd) crusader, its works too, but i prefer AGI crus for lvling coz its just simple.
here list of some positive and negative sides of agi crus
1 + Good dodge, easy chesting in dw with low gear, easy lvling on summer\abaddon3 and isle of fortune
2 + More dps takes from cooking
3 + Low requirements of gear
1 - Low attack damage in pvp
2 - High dependence of hit rate
3 - Weaker than Str(Slasher) crus on lvl 80

1. Stats
2. Skills
3. Gear
4. Gemming
5. Pets
6. Lvling

1. Stats
1-64 Full agi
64-80 Str
After reborn, standart Str-agi crus (may be con with forge full lvl 5 ug's and lvl 3 bd's)

2. Skills
lvl 29 skills
Lvl 41 skills Dual Sword Mastery take lvl 2 coz Fork apparels gives u lvl 10 instantly
Lvl 51 skills
Lvl 55 skills
p.s if u wont try pvp lvl 60, take instead Shadow Slash ur Concentration for lvl 10, i prefer use Shadow Slash coz at lvl 60-65 start coming DW chest and need it
if u prefer lvling and farming only, u take Concentration lvl 10.
Lvl 60 skills

lvl 65 skills

lvl 70 skills
lvl 80 skills

3. Gear
lvl 1-29 use noob gear + boots and gloves from argent 2268 2705
lvl 30 u can use 30 lvl chest or still use noob gear untill lvl 40
lvl 40 - 40 lvl chests
lvl 50 - 50 lvl chests + u can use Stat rings\Hit rings (prefer hit for lvling)
lvl 55 - use 2x DOE + AOE or CA frame + lvl 50-55 rings stats\hit
for pvp take 2th boots, CA paws
lvl 60 IF U DOESNT HAVE LVL 3 LUST ON 60 LVL + 41 STR PET, DONT GO ISLE OF FORTUNE. lvling untill lvl 65 on bloodthirsty hunter
60 chest Gloves and Boots
AOE or CA frame
2x DOE
2x 60 str rings \ can use lvl 55-60 hit rings (no miss on fortune lvl 60) \ 2x 60 agi rings more aspd ( low chance miss on fortune)
lvl 60 MS neck with HP \ Can use mana regen neck (if dont have meditation on fairy \ HpRegen (if u have std meditation on fairy, but dont have MS neck), can own it with Lang Barrier quest.
on lvl 60 prefer to have lvl 3 lust in Gloves and both DOE + 2 hit rings, its guaranteed provides u lvling on fortune

maximum dodge on fortune is 241 and hit is 229, its mean u need 251 hit rate and 319 dodge to lvling here with no problem
ur lvl 60 stats with 41 pet str(no poss) buff lvl 10 (aspd + attack) + bun for 150 attack
Gear is
2xDOE lvl 3 lust (1 Fork apparel)
AOE no forge unfused
2x 55 hit rings
60 lvl chest gloves lvl 3 lust
60 lvl chest boots no forge unfused
Stats fortune lvl 60:
lvl 65
change ur 2x DOE to 2x BOE (try to find 110%) - 1 of them must be Fork same forge 3 lust, lvl 65 more u dont need ur hit rings for lvling, use crit\str\agi rings + u can change AOE - to 65 uns frame or CA or keep using AOE its doesnt matter. I prefer use str rings + CA frame, coz more attack.
lvl 70 boss stone equip
Hermes Frame and hermes claws
prefer buying this stuff 110\2

lvl 75 gear
Change ur 60 lvl boots for 75 boots of secret prefer more then 5 str and more then 82 dodge
2x Boe as main weapon forge Lust + UG rage \ BD + UG rage
2x Swords Drakans only with lust
Change Hermes Frame for BD frame
Take bd boots as main when u lvl 80 and want only PVP
Secret gloves is good only more then 5 str stat (but i prefer hermes)

lvl 55 easy to get with good stats
lvl 65 more PR, but hard to get with good stats
Stats priority:
Forge: BD soul - UG colo - Glowing - Shining

After reborn do classic PVP slasher crus (100str - then agi|con)
4. Gemming
Untill lvl 55 u dont need gems to lvling
LvL 55 1th gems u need its in ur 2x DOE lust gems (lvl 3 prefers, more no need)
LvL 60 same gem Lust lvl 3 in 60 chest gloves
LvL 65 forge ur 2xBoe's with lust and UG's rages | alternative forge is BD gem + UG rage
LvL 70
Hermes Frame on lvl 70 or CA frame on lvl 55
UG colo maximum lvl as u can - 1th gem slot - swap for bd soul
Shining gem lvl 5 - 2th gem slot

If u want take maximum stats take UG colo forge, i prefer forge Shining gem, coz its cheap and close to same profit

Price is only 31 refs ~ 20mill forge is Shining gem
hp 6111
def 155
price 10m ea UG colo and 20mill for froge(ref and fusion gold) ~330mill profit: (80hp and 35def)

Hermes Claws
1th slot gem of striking - prefer swap for bd heart
Lust gem - 2th gem slot
LvL 75
Boots of secret cheap forge is Shadow gem + UG wind
Black dragon boots - no need to forge Shadow gem, its boots only for PVP, best forge is BD heart + UG wind
Black dragon frame - 1th gem slot - UG colo - swap for bd soul 2th gem slot - Shining gem lvl 5
2x Drakans only with lust for PVP (its doesnt mean u dont need ur BOE's its just swaps for pvp against crus with boots of secret)

5. Pets
list of pets is organized according to priorities

When lvling u need only 1 pet
FOE 41 str 2(meditation, berserk) or 3(meditation, berserk, recover) std skills

When u start farming summer or ect lvl 70+ u need 2th pet its
FOS 41 str 2(meditation, berserk) or 3(meditation, berserk, recover) std skills

U can use for pvp more fairys:
41 agi pet with 3 std skills (meditation, berserk, recover) good with boots of secret even SS start miss on u with sufficient quantity of dodge

41 con + 3 std skills (meditation, berserk, recover) combine with lvl 55 or lvl 65 shield its op

41 acc pet with 3 std skills (meditation, berserk, recover), can be usefull with drakans and acc gemed hermes claw

6. lvling

1-5 Forest Spirit lvl 3
5-7 Mini Bee lvl 5
8-10 Cuddly Lamb lvl 8
10-15 Bear Cub lvl 12
15-20 Killer Shroom lvl 19 | Barbaric Bee lvl 20 | Smuggler lvl 20 | Angelic Panda lvl 17
20-25 Barbaric Bee lvl 20 | Smuggler lvl 20 | Bandit lvl 25
25-30 Bandit lvl 25 | Mad boar lvl 30
30-35 Mad boar lvl 30 | Grassland Wolf lvl 33
Buffer creates here
On this lvl prefer create buffer lvl 31 cleric or SM with this skill build: ( i prefer create cleric, better lvling on lvl 70+ with it)
35-41 Abandon Mine i prefer lvling only on Mole's lvl 35 and 38
40-45 Tribal villager lvl 43
lvl 45-51(52) Treant lvl 48
lvl 50-58 Guardian Angel lvl 55
lvl 55-60 Isle of Chill
lvl 60-65 bloodthirsty hunter lvl 60 or if u have good gear isle of fortune lvl 67-68 monsters
lvl 60(65) - 72(73) isle of fortune
3 ways of lvling
1th. Lone Tower boring lvling no farm
U can farm it with lvl 65 gear in this guide, just need a bit more hit for it
2th. Summer lvl 72 Evil Tribal Warrior, good way to farm mystic chest + lvling
Tribals got 343 hitrate and 258 dodge, it means u must have 420+ dodge and 268 hit to comfort farm it with support
3th. Abaddon (75+ with good gear + forge and sup cleric) u can lvl in abaddon 3 until 80
to lvling in abaddon3 on lvl 75 u need 430 not less dodge + 230 hit ~ 1.5k attack


There can be a lot of mistakes in the guide in terms of grammar, but I think this is permissible for me
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Jul 4, 2016
Great guide, not many people shared this build before, hopefully it will help new solo crusaders!


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Jun 14, 2018
hmm well its not good for new players, im hitting 6 damage on smugglers at lv22 >.> need that 41 pet to gives some damage boost in order make this agi build works
Aug 4, 2016
hmm well its not good for new players, im hitting 6 damage on smugglers at lv22 >.> need that 41 pet to gives some damage boost in order make this agi build works
Try kill bee , they a bit down than smugglers and have way more less defense can lvl at bee till 25