Lv65 Rings/Necks from DW1/2

Jun 20, 2017
Add a chest that gives a random lv65 Ring drop from B1, and a chest that gives a random 65 Necklace drop from B2. (Or just add the rings/necks as low % drops). I would suggest making the Chest like 30% drop chance, to encourage players to use hi amps for dw again. Could even lead to some more organized chesting, who knows.

1. It'd give people a reason to go DW for anything other than PK again.
2. It'd give the whole server something new to progress towards, that wouldn't be as broken as adding say Death Sets and isn't as daunting as saving up for a piece of BD EQ/Gemming higher than lv3 ugs. This goes even more so for the people that already have max gems/equips or close to it.
3. It might bring some people back to the server that aren't - ehem - currently playing as much.

If you make the drop random, it'd also ensure that it would take quite a long time before people don't need the Rings/Necks anymore, and some chars would likely want multiple kinds of rings or even necklaces to switch around. And if you ever get the feeling that the prices for those equips are starting to crash (see lv65 Unseals), then that might be a good time to consider adding something new...

Just my thoughts, would love to hear yours.


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Jul 4, 2016
Giving DW meaningful rewards is good since the ref removal and unseal price drop, so is slightly progressing the game forward; but the great thing about it is the fact that the amount of stats the accessories provide is not absurd. It's absolute values since they're base stats, so there's nothing fancy like hp%/movement speed/dodge/hit rate or other stats whose value is a bit harder to judge.

Going from lv60 accessories, the increase in stats in total would be +10 (+18 for SSs, which aren't in the best spot now anyway), a lv2 UG, so it's not that much. But it's enough to be something people will want to fight for and get their hands on.

Though I'd say 30% might be a bit too high of a drop rate. Maybe ~16.67% so that it's 50% with a hi-amp seems more reasonable. Though one potential problem with that is that there's a lot of versions of those rings (4 for each primary stat) and necks, so it is a gamble already, maybe the drop rates don't have to be miserably low.
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