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May 3, 2017
Hello, im making this guide because i see many people ask for information about Ds, because they want to join there or just to know about it, and since Dark Swamp is alive here, i think it could be usefull for all the people who still enjoy the maze.

Important: This guide is based in my experience in Dark Swamp, also some information is taken from another guides which i will give credits at the end of it, i will be giving info about equips for all classes, tips to pvp, maps, drops, guilds, etc... Please avoid bad comments or save em for yourself, thanks.

What is Dark Swamp?

First of all, we have to know what is exactly Dark Swamp, how it works and where is located, better known as "Ds", is one of the three mazes in the Pko universe, who is focused mostly for lv55 Players, its a large maze and it is composed by 2 parts: Sea and Land. Yes, that means you have to go with a ship first to pass sea and reach dock to start in land.

How Dark Swamp works?

  • As the other mazes, Ds open every 3 hours for a duration of 2 hours.
  • You should know that Ds only works for players between lv40 and lv55 players [I recommend to go at lv55 if you dont want to die instantly]
  • Ds is composed by 3 floors: The first one has sea at the entrance and land, and the others 2 are only land.
  • There are 3 mini bosses, 1 by each floor and in the end of Dark Swamp 3, there is the final boss who is called "Huge Mud Monster"
  • As i said before, you need a ship to pass the first part of Ds.

Going to Dark Swamp

The way to go Ds is very simple, you just have to learn the shortcuts and can reach the portal in 2 minutes or less. First of all you should go to Shaitan Harbor, and talk with the harbor operator - Mark to sail, after that go downside to 875, 3754. Thats a shortcut to enter in treasure gulf, then go to 607, 1082 to get out of trasure gulf [Be careful with the lv60 Spirit Ships in the path, they hit hard] Now that you are out of trasure gulf just go all left side to 2038, 2778. Thats the exactly location of Ds portal, just a bit down from Sara Heaven.

Tip: If your ship got damaged by the ships in treasure gulf, you can repair-refuel in Harbor Operator - Baros in Sara heaven, just at 2023, 2753 [Upside Ds port]

Harbor Operator - Baros

In case that for some reason the explanation about how to get there was not clear enough, i'll leave here a video:

Pros and cons of Dark swamp


  • The difference between classes is very balanced, it means every class can kill other classes and every of em has their own pro and cons.
  • Its a funny map which has many spots to farm, even if u want farm mobs, chests or bosses.
  • It has 2 sections to pk, land and sea.
  • The final boss can drop Unique gem as boss of Fc or Dw.
  • Being a Ds player, if you have good equips, you can still kill high lvl players in bar.
  • The equips are relativaly cheap [This point depend on ur budget, so might be a pro or a con]
  • The pk in this maze is alive and more organized than in other mazes.


  • If you hate sea, this could be a problem since its almost imposible reach dock without help because there is sea pk at 90% times.
  • The profit is not that good to maintain a character with Rations, Manufacture for land and sea, cakes and equips at the same time [This means sometimes u will spend more in pk and bossing than gaining profit in Ds]
  • You need real good Equips to avoid mobs and kill them easily.
  • Basically you cant go without a guild because u will be dead [Unless they let you farm (if u re guildless they will)]
  • The Unique Gem drop rate is almost non-existent, this means there could be 1 full week without any ug, which is mostly shared between many people.
  • Depend on ur budget, you might feel the equips for Ds are expensive.

Inside Ds

Now that we are in Dark Swamp, starts the hard part: We have to pass sea. I personally recommend to use the ship Eagle [Buy in Icicle Harbor and move to Shaitan dock] for your lander, i will explain later why i say this and why is the harder part. Said this, think in ds as a square, and go to 310, 344 to reach dock.

Dark Swamp First Floor

This floor is composed by 2 Chests and 1 mini boss, here i upload an image where it shows the way to reach every point in the map

The mini boss named "Master Swamp Bog" is relatively easy, you just have to clear the area first and then focus on the boss. Data:

Master Swamp Bog

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

The chests here drops basically Beautiful Chests, Mystic chests and some runes. Data:

Obscure Chest 1

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

Dark Swamp Second Floor

This floor is composed by 5 Chests and 1 miniboss.

The mini boss named "Swamp champion" is a bit harder because the area is fulled of strong mobs, also this mini boss has a big damage and a decent dodge so you need at least 210 hit rate to hit it without miss or in fact be magic user. Data:

Swamp Champion

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

The chests here drops Incantation chests, beautiful chest and runes. Data:

Obscure Chest 2

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

Dark Swamp Third Floor

This floor is composed by 3 chests, 1 mini boss and the final boss.

This mini boss, named "Master Swamp Watcher" is the easier boss because you just have to lure ir and seal/stun to kill it, said this, be careful because this boss has a big damage and you can suffer a bit if you dont pay attention. Data:

Master Swamp Watcher

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

The chests here drops Evanescence chests, beautiful chest and runes. Data and drops:

Obscure Chest 3

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

Huge Mud Moster "Final Boss"

Now we re at the "Hugue Mud Monster", better known as "Bm" is the final boss of Dark Swamp and the harder. It has real big damage, big dodge, big hit rate and also give nice drops as Ref, Ugs [Rare], Ds chest, Goddes Favor, etc.. Data:

Huge Mud Monster

[Click on it for Info about stats and drops]​

Tips to do Bm fast and efficiently, and not die trying:

  • First of all, accept you cant do it alone, unless you are Sharpshooter or Seal Master, and even its very very hard.
  • Its better to do it with any friend or in fact a guild.
  • As Crusader, if you have enough sealers around you, try Stunning, melee and back in time, if not just play safe and slash-back.
  • Clean the left side from mobs, so you can do bm in peace without those annonying minis.
  • Never, but never yolo meleeing bm thinking it wont hit you, because seals-stun can fail sometimes and if you dont pay attention, rip.
  • When it is in 1%, stop hitting and let it reset Aggro, a person with good max should use an amp and kill it after to get more chance to get good drops
  • Put True Signs around the zone to evade potential "Kser's" who could steal ur kill/drop.
  • When Bm is in 1%, all the people should go guard around bm and let the killer with a cleric finish it.
  • As cleric, bring many revival clovers, in case your mates die [Remember Bm has big damage]

Classes and their function


Being a crusader in Ds is very usefull in all ways, if you want to farm, boss or in pk, as in all mazes, the crus has a big advantage which is Stealth, also their good Dodge and max makes it easier.


  • Good Max to make good damage.
  • Good dodge to evade some hits.
  • Good attack speed naturally
  • They can do mini bosses alone [Using cakes]
  • In Pk they re the killers of the team.
  • Stealth.

  • As all cruses, you will die in 1 slash 99% of the times by other cruses.
  • Cruses has low Hp and def naturally, so you will be kinda paper.
  • You need good equips to do big dmg in pk.
  • As all mazes, the equis are very expensive if you plan to be pro Crus.


As we all know, the crusaders are made by Str and Agi stats, the mainly goal is to get 210 aspd with Berserk or in fact, passive. Up to you. The distribution depend on the equips that you will have, but i personally always put 17 agi at the beginning and the rest on str to get 210 with Berserk, and reset some agi points in the way i get better equips.


This is my skill build, i chosed to keep lv5 stun to rise a bit my max making lv8 sword mastery, but thats up to you. All the rest skills lvls are a must [Dual Sword Mastery lv2 because you have to use Fork in Ds, a must too because his bug gives instant lv10 Dual Sword Mastery]


Armor: Here we have two options, if you have low budget you could go for unseal 55, but if you can afford, go for the Chaos Framestone, is the best option for Ds because +7 all stats.

Swords: Here is easy, unseal 55 swords are a must in Ds, so you have to get them yes or yes.

Boots: Again, depend on your budget, if you have low budget you can go for unseal lv55 boots, they have good dodge and normal stat base, and if u have money, the best option is Chaos Pawstone, mainly because the movement speed bonus [The dodge sucks], otherwise if you can find it, you can get +7 Str boots lv55, which has nice dodge, and nice str bonus [Switching with paw depend of the situation]

Gloves: Here you can get Unseal lv55 Gloves which has good hit rate and normal stats base, but if you want you can go try to find +7 Agi gloves lv55. Dont try CA Claw because it has low hit rate.

Function of Crusaders in Pk

  • You have Stealth, so use it properly, if you are agaisnt 2 or more enemies, do the Slash-Stealth movement so you can kill and hide fast.
  • Never Yolo, you re strong but you re not a tanker, the best method to pk as a crus is Slash and back, otherwise u will probabbly die instantly.
  • As a crus, your work is focus in the rival cruses and sharpshooters first, just ignore the champs and avoid the clerics-sm's unless you have a beastial max and are sure you can 1 slash them, in that case go for the most annonying rival.
  • In case you need to Slash and melee, try to stun their cleric-sm and slash their crus-sharpshooter. In case the enemies are full magics, kill the weaker first and stun the stronger.
  • Bring cakes just in case you need to recover Hp fast.


The sharpshooters are an important piece of Ds, because they can seal mobs, bosses and even players for pk, also they can do a decent damage and run with a good mspd


  • Good Max to make good damage.
  • Bestial movement speed.
  • Can seal everything.
  • They can boss alone mostly times.
  • Cheap Equips and gems.


  • 99% times you will be 1 slash or bolt by any pro crus-cleric.
  • If you are Acc SS you re paper af.
  • You have to bring Cakes and pots everywhere.
  • Mostly times you are the first target by enemies because ur seals.
  • Bad attack speed unless you have agi equips or in fact lv2+ Wind gem.


There are two types of Sharpshooter in all Pko, there is the Acc ss who has big max but is a paper, and the Con ss who can survive the maze and even tank some slash-bolt but has low damage. In both cases you need good gems to compensate the bad part and be a complete and equal ss. [In my opinion, Con ss is the best option for DS because you can tank a bit and still kill ppl] in any case just put full acc or full con, depend on your choice, also you can mix both of them as you preffer even Acc-Agi, but never mix Con-Agi and leave Acc, because im pretty sure even with good eqs you will do Miss to mostly cruses.

Bow SS is a very interesting option but isnt that usefull in pk, so i wont talk about this type of ss.

There is two options in the skills build, i chose to keep lv5 seals to make lv8 windwalk so if i combine it with the ca paw it would give an insane movement speed, but this build is only made for pk purpose, so you can catch or scape from enemies fast. If you want to be a fully sealer just sacrify windwalk and put lv10 both seals.


Armor: Again, CA Frame is the best option for Ds because the +7 all Stats, but if you're on low budget, you can go for Unseal lv55 for a while.

Gun: This part is a bit complex, the best gun for Ds is the called "Cardic Gun" who is a simple battle rifle lv50 from star of unity with the difference it has +7 Agi +7 Con +7 Acc which is extremely rare and hard to find, thats why is the best and also the most expensive gun in the game. If you cant afford or even cant find it, you can always go for the Unseal lv55 gun, which has real good damage but an attack speed reduction, or go for the Battle Rifle +7 Con +7 Acc or +7 Acc +7 Agi. Up to yo.

Boots: Here is very simple, Chaos Pawstone is a must for sharpshooters in Ds, it gives u movement speed, and if you combine it with Windwalk, you will be Flash or so.If you have low budget, go for unseal lv55 boots while you get Paw, i repeat, paw is a must.

Gloves: Here you can get Unseal lv55 Gloves [The best in my opinion] because it gives agi for attack speed [Important for ss] plus a bonus of +30 movement speed. But if you preffer you can go for Ringdove Gloves lv55 which usually has +8 acc, +10 acc or +12 acc, up to you again. Dont try CA claw because it has low hit rate.

Function of Sharpshooters in Pk

  • You have a real big movement speed so use it to help you, not for nothing sharpshooters are known as runners.
  • Your function natural is seal first of all. Remember you re the first target of mostly cruses, so you have to seal and back hiding from them.
  • If you have the opportunity to melee someone after seal, try to kill first their cruses.
  • Since you dont have stealth, try to guess "how a crus would move" so you could be able to avoid their stun, or in fact their slash.
  • Bring cakes ALWAYS.
  • If you are alone vs 2 or more enemies, just run back and seal, run back and melee a bit, and like that..
  • In case they are 2 magics, if you are not a con ss, just scape from there.


Clerics are a vital part of every guild in Ds, they can buff, can revive, can recover, can heal and even can Pk at the same time, their mainly advantage is the Energy Shield which basically absorve all the damage decreasing their Sp and not the Hp.


  • Energy Shield.
  • Have revive.
  • Can walk full Ds alone.
  • Can do all mini bosses alone.
  • Can do many damage and kill all other class in pk.
  • Cheap equips.


  • You depend at all on your energy shield, and once ur sp is over, u re paper.
  • Gems are expensive.
  • You only have 1 attack skill and have to deal with cooldown.
  • You need to spend money on revival clovers.


There are 2 types of Clerics in Ds, the buffer and the Battle Cleric, both of them are full spr because the energy shield in BT case, and for have more Sp for buffs in case of buffer.


This is the build of a battle cleric, the goal is get revive at lv55 because its a must in Ds. Basically if you dont have revive, you are useless.
In another case, if you want to be a buffer, just get the requeriments to have Spiritual Fire lv10, Harden lv10 and Tempest lv10, and again, revive.


Armor: Here you have 2 options, depend if you want to do more damage or to tank more, if you want to bolt more you can go for the CA Frame, if not you can go for the unseal lv55 armor.

Staff: Simple, go for unseal lv55 staff, theres not another option.

Boots: Simple again, go for CA pawstone, but if you are on low budget, use unseal lv55 while u get paw.

Gloves: Here you can get CA Claw because full CA set gives a bit bonus of damage, of you can use +7 Spr gloves lv50-55.

Cap: If you are ami, you can get Spr bonus from the cap, which u can find with +5 Spr, +6 Spr, +7 Spr.

Function of Clerics in Pk

  • So you have energy shield, care about it as ur life depend of this, becuz it does.
  • Try to run around the zone while you bolt, so you could avoid stuns and maybe, with luck, bug the enemies movement.
  • Pay attention to your guildmates, you might have to recover, heal or even revive them in any moment.
  • If you can afford, bring agrypnotics in case you run out of Sp, they re a real good item to recover it.
  • Clerics can be killers in Ds because their damage is based on the spr, and being full spr means you will have a good bolt, so if you can finish an enemy, do it.
  • If you are alone vs 2 or more cruses-ss's, just run back and scape from there unless they are not good geared and u can kill them by 1 bolt.
  • Most important, try always to not die. You are the most valuable person in your guild during Pk. No cleric = No revive = No win. Keep that in mind.

Seal Master

The Seal Masters, as the Sharpshooters are very important because they have seals, with the difference that a sm can seal you at all, skills and melee, so you basically are helpless when a seal master catch you into her seals.


  • Melee and Skill seals.
  • Have revive.
  • Can walk full Ds alone.
  • Can do all mini bosses alone.
  • They have decent damage.
  • They can be mini tanks.
  • Cheap equips.


  • As the clerics, you have only 1 attack skill which is bolt, and counting the cooldown of the seals, you might be helpless if there are 2 or more enemies.
  • You need very good equips to tank and kill in equal ratio.
  • The gems are expensive
  • You need to spend money on revival clovers.
  • Gems are expensive


Here are few types of build. The first one is tank sm, which means you will be full con. The second one is full damage dealer, which means all ur stat points would go to spr [Not the best build, because yes, you could kill ur enemies in 1 bolt, but you will be 1 slash, 1 bolt, 1 cripple, or 1 conch as well, without count the Ds mobs would hit you hard] The last one, and the best in my opinion, is to make an hybrid build between Con and spr, so you would have good hp-def and also do damage, the stat distribution will be up to the equips that u will have, and the gems u will have forged.

Tip: If you will make a buffer sm, make ir full con, so you wont be worried about if she could die in the way because it will tank (you can avoid run out of Sp with a pet with novice-standart meditation)


This is the skills build for Seal Master, with bolt lv10 of course. And again, if you will be buffer get the requeriments to have em lv10.


Armor: Here is simple, Chaos Framestone.

Staff: Go for unseal lv55 staff, theres not another option.

Boots: Simple again, go for CA pawstone, they are the best boots that u could find for sm.

Gloves: Here you can get CA Claw because full CA set gives a bit bonus of damage, and also because CA Claw gives more Hp, and that’s good for a seal master.

Cap: Again, if you are ami, try to find a Con/Spr cap lv55.

Function of Seal Master in Pk

  • First of all, don’t go yolo in front, you re vital to your team as the sharpshooters.
  • Try to run around the zone while you bolt, so you could avoid stuns and maybe, with luck, bug the enemies movement.
  • Pay attention to your guildmates, you might have to recover, heal or even revive them in any moment.
  • If you can afford, bring agrypnotics in case you run out of Sp, they re a real good item to recover it, and also cakes or any hp pot in case ur hp get low.
  • Seal Masters as the Clerics can be killers in Ds because their damage is based on the spr, and being full spr means you will have a good bolt, so if you can finish an enemy, do it.
  • Same tip as clerics-ss: If you are alone vs 2 or more cruses-ss's, just run back and scape from there unless they are not good geared and u can kill them by 1 bolt.
  • Try always to seal skills to magic classes, or in fact to cruses [Because the slash] and the melee to the sharpshooters mainly, or in fact again to the cruses.


The Champions, they are the tankers of a team, so their mainly function is resist the hits from mobs or enemies for the guild; as well they could have high damage with slash.


  • Good Hp and defense which makes them almost unkillables in ds.
  • Could be high damage too with slash.
  • Can walk whole Ds alone.
  • Can do all mini bosses alone.
  • Can protect their team mates and give them the advantage to attack while he get hits.

  • The builds are so complex.
  • To be a good champ is needed a high amount of gems and good equips which makes it expensive.
  • You need at least lv2 Wind to get 140 Attack speed with berserk.
  • Kinda Slow in Ds.
  • Again, unless you re well gemmed, it’s kinda impossible to kill anyone in ds.


First, theres the full con Champion which is a fully tanker, with the only function is lure mobs-boss attacks and sit there while guildmates kills. Then theres the slasher champion, which is a complex build between Con-Agi. In this build you have put agi until you get 140 attack speed passive and then put the rest of stats in con. Why not Str? Because you will get the Str from the equips-gems till you get enough max to do a decent damage with slash.


Skill build of Champion. Slash lv10 is a must because that will be your only serious damage skill.


Armor: The best armor for Champion is the unseal lv55 tattoo because it gives more Defense, hp and pr.

Sword: Go for unseal lv55 sword, theres not another option.

Boots: You can use CA Paw but only to run, for main boots u could look for lv45 +7 Str-Agi boots depending on your build.

Gloves: Gloves as well, try to find a lv45 with high stat of str-agi to equilibrate ur build.

Function of Champion in Pk

  • Accept that your main purpose is tank for your guildmate, or at least cover them from mobs.
  • In case that u have high max, feel free to try to kill people. If you re slasher and do good dmg with slash, focus on cruses and ss's.
  • Accept that magic classes can kill you, doesnt matter how many def or hp do u have, eventually they will kill you if they dont die first.
  • After you get 210 aspd with Berserk just focus on ur Str and Con, attack speed doesnt matter anymore.
  • I guess its obvious but i will still mention it, if you re agaisnt magic classes, just run away.
  • And last, you can be the team bomber since you wont die in first hit.


The voys are basically the same structure as the seal masters, they can be tanky and do good dmg at the same time, also can protect team mates with his skills and can be used in land and in sea.


  • Good Hp and good magic damage.
  • Can be used in land and in sea as well.
  • Their conch ray can affect all your enemies in a radio.
  • Equips are relatively cheap.
  • They’re useful to hold spawn areas.

  • Gems are expensive.
  • You have to spend much money in corals.
  • Because the corals, you have to scarify a slot for a ring.
  • In case that you have allies in Ds, if they’re not in your party or in your same guild, you can hurt them by accident with your conch ray.
  • Doesn’t matter if you re full con or spr, you have to bring cakes always.


As seal master, you can chose between full con, full spr or hybrid. In the first case, you will have enough defense to tank a slash, but you will be still killable if you get sealed or stunned and your damage will be pretty low. If you chose full spr [The worst build in my opinion] you will have high damage, yes, but you will be 1 hit by anyone, even from the mobs so it’s not a big deal to make it full spr. Hybrid voy is well equilibrated but you could be 1-2 hits by a stronger enemy and maybe don’t do enough dmg to kill ppl in 1 combo [Conch+Bolt] So in my perspective, go for full con and switch pets depending of the situation.

This is the skills build for a Voyager. The goal is get lv10 conch ray and tornado lv5 at least; after it you still will have a few points which you can use on sea skills, so after tornado lv5 its all up to you.


Armor: CA Frame always, doesn’t matter what.

Dagger: Never use unseal lv55. In that case if always better to get a Blade of Torment, which you can get from the Star of Unity from newbie guide [Can exchange at lv1] If you are enough lucky, you could get a +12 spr +7 con or just buy it from another players.

Boots: CA Paw, the best boots for voy since you have to be fast to avoid seals, stuns or catch enemies.

Gloves: You could go for CA Claw because it gives hp bonus and +3 spr +3 con as well, or in fact try to find lv55 voy gloves with high con or spr stats. In case you have low budget, you could go for the gloves lv50 from eva chests while u get claw.

Cap: If you are ami, try to find a lv55 cap with +5+ con/spr stats.

Function of Voyager in Pk

  • Know that you can tank few attacks, but you re still killable so don’t pretend you can yolo and kill all the enemies.
  • Always focus on kill cruses and ss’s first because they have the lower Hp-Defense in a team.
  • Pay attention to the stronger enemy, you can tornado him to avoid his participation in pk and give advantage to your guildmates.
  • You can tornado on any of your allies [Not same guild] when he’s about to die to save his life.
  • Analyze the situation and see if it’s better to be tanky or switch to spr mode to kill your enemies, it depend on how stronger and how many are your enemies and your team.
  • A combo Flash bomb + Conch Ray + Thunder Bolt is mortal against any class, use it in your favor.
  • Mostly times you will be the first target of your enemies, because you are the most annonying class in pk [With ss’s] in Ds.
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Absolutely sure, this is the most complete, most beautiful guide to DS that ever existed on any server!
The work you had in doing it is visible!