From ToP II Eclipse Isle with Love


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Aug 4, 2016
Konnichiwa Minnasan ;)

I Made this account in this server last August 2016, levelling was too damn hard, and not a single friendly face in-sight so I gave up.
It's summer vacation now though, downloaded the game again yesterday, called up some old friends and we're gonna try and start out together. Or so i thought we could start right away, then comes this Server Downtime / Maintenance thingy.
So, imma be writing this instead, my very own Tales of Pirates History :cool::p

Fair warning to all before reading
1.I don't write that good, and that's my best excuse, so pardon me for any errors typographical and grammatical.
2.All i'll write are based from how I remember or understand things from before, it's my story so any similarities to anyone living or deceased isn't in anyway intentional.
3.Pictures are not exactly time synched to my story, as I have lots of them and it'll be too hard to check them all. Just think of 'em as props.
4.I'm sorry in advance for any ill feelings this drama packed thread of mine might cause to anyone, I honestly don't mean any offense.
5.It's too damn long, i got carried away and got all nostalgic i admit.. so you guys can stop here at this point so as to avoid getting pissed off.:mad:
6.I am reacting late to the fact that TOP II's closed down, and it's all just hit me now :p:D
7.Read on, only when calm enough, but remember: PIRATES YE ALL BEEN WARNED! thanks in advance for the patience (if ever you finish it..xD)

Back in TOP II Eclipse Isle, I played as an Ami Voyager named Kagamin

Here's my story of growing up, in this world of Pirates..

I started playing Tales of Pirates back in late 2009, I was 10 yrs. old. Picked out the topmost server choice which was the newest server then Eclipse Isle :)

Starting out, I hadn't thought of reading the newbie guides in the forums or asking out other players for info. My very first (and only) MMORPG and I only depended on my base instincts, I learned the hard way that, that's not very wise :D I picked on the Ami character cuz it's cute, and then, I went and chose to become an Explorer coz' well, it's a Pirate game I thought.. :p:p:p I had no idea then, what I got myself into :rolleyes: (What I regret most is that, I had no idea I'd be wearing creepy and hell fugly animal costumes for the entirety of my newbie days coz' of those choices. For a very young age, no amount of hardship, class disadvantages, and class prejudice would equal the torture of wearing those horrid ami costumes. Raccoon from hell, and that creepy Crab costumes were the worst of 'em all :mad::mad::mad:)

Newbie days went too slow, yet in a blur, there were those never ending plvl, parties with random people, (after reading guides, went on questing) weekly HEXA until my 40s, Promotion Quest, that Sacred Flame Quest (which I got to complete only after a year or two) Story Quest (got stuck on Anubis for a veeeery long time) I remember I went farming HEXA items in my low lvls, I skipped FC and DS since i have no idea bout those before, and i got to lvl 60s farming Language Barrier Quest items for money. I was mostly at sea then, and I almost never talk to people.

In our server back then, there were no Voyager main characters in all of FC, DS, and the High Levels., :eek: Voyagers, i learned then, are usually for farming at sea, Sea PKs, Sea Bossing, Power Levellings on mobs or thru Sand Bags. If there were any, they don't really stand out, and I'm guessing, only very few.

I remember joining a guild which I didn't know was an Alt Guild of some top guild doing Abbadon Bosses, and as I was clueless, I went and joined those Abba runs a few times for some time, until someone asked me "Whose voy are you?" and "who's your main character?" lol :p they thought I'm some pro's alt (well, i'm guessing it's cuz i'm better dressed than the other alt voys..xD) I only understood everything a few months later on.

I decided then, I'd be a Voyager that's not a Sea Voy, that don't kill bags, and Never Farms! :cool::cool::cool: I'd be known as a Main Character and not somebody else's Alt.
Well, I did, in the end. Took me a very long time to do it and it's hard..xD Still though, I did it My Way :confused:

As I don't do much work anymore, and I'm a non maller (I was like 11 yrs old :pink_squid_4:) I was poor ;) for someone who's playing regularly... (whatever little gold I'm earning then, i spent all on apparels, for me and all my alts) I got by, merely by buying cheap items, and reselling them for a bit more, also through those pets of mine and their poop coins and signets. I then spent most of my days chatting by my house in argent (the steps of a house, just above argent teleporter), checking stalls, putting POOP on people..xD running around the Silvermines, and then to Chaldea up to Thundoria sometimes helping out random strangers in quests or plvling or oftentimes just disturbing them from whatever they are doing, :p throwing trash at those Fortune Tree and Meteorite AFKers (I pick Ninja Sword from the Ninja Moles in Silvermines, since they dont stack up :rolleyes:) Running around the map, travelling around the TOP world with my boat, from Deep Blue Sea, to Magical Sea and then to Ascaron trying to fill out all those blank spaces in my world map

It was all fun and nothing serious until I got into some sort of a PK/Teamwork training guild, Here's where I started learning about what guild people do, advance quests, mazes i've never been to, bosses I've never seen before, Class roles in raids and PKs, and finally getting involved in real PK that's not just limited to the PK map and PVP/MVM bar, but also on high lvl boss raids in DW, wars in CA, and much later on in other events like Sacred Wars, BD, and ABBADON runs., There i got the chance meeting, talking with, and then much later on, teaming up with the big guns i look up to, names I only usually see on system announcements during CA, names that I considered as players of legend, and I never even thought of meeting, that got me all riled up into becoming a full pledged PK VOY.. :cool::cool::cool:

A little over 3 years since starting, through pure guts, and sheer will, braving all other class' superiority, I finally got into the spotlight (hell yeah! :cool:;)) and was accepted to the then strongest guild in our server. Which was a feat almost next to impossible for someone who's got no good equips (I'm using normal BD set at that time, only improved very little over time, as I was wearing Lv. 75 Death set for voyager and using con DE dagger as a weapon until the time I quit in 2014, while even alt voys wear 95 sets or kylin), poorly gemmed, messed up stats, poor as hell, (greatly dressed though, as i'm gunning for cutest ami ever:p) and a Voyager at that. Well, I got in and at that time I was just so happy and proud, felt like I've already made it to the top. No one's gonna mistake me for an Alt ever again :cool::cool::cool:. (all that and I became the cutest Ami ever! wiiiii :p:p:p)

Then came ToP II, Improved Skills and brand new expensive mall equips made the already Superior Classes became even more tougher, others became almost impossible to break even by a number due to very high PRs or dodge. This signaled the Magic Classes' return to the center stage,. The Voyager Class got revamped, and got more geared for PK. The new unlimited corals with stats (For years, how i hated those corals and how they occupied most of my inventory then, Lucky TWERPS! :mad::mad::mad:), then enters the The Astral Isle lv.115 Card Activator skills that enabled ANY CLASS, to use skills that are similar to what other classes use, (A voyager that can now slash, stealth, and heal itself! Woah!) and those Demonic Dimension lv.130 skills,. (I never got any of those High Lvl skills from Astral and DD btw, cuz I got too lazy, I quit ToP then at Lv.105 or something) making the new Voyager a major force to be reckoned with in PK. That old pitiful Alt class suddenly went and became one of the Superior Classes (well, they became that, NOT ME :rolleyes:).

Nearing my last days of ToP II., feeling all fulfilled and pretty much retired, wearing the same old equips that I've been using for some years now, still poorly gemmed
(fused with the cutest of apparels still though) Spending my online times mostly on Dream Isle I think it's called, just sitting, watching people murder one another. On days that im less Lazy, I did some Winter Quests, tried finishing up the Story quest, tried leveling in Winter (I really did tried, following cuneja luisa's guides..xD Got too lazy and gave up shortly) I did PKed on mazes and some bosses and a few CAs for a lil bit more with my old guild for a while, then with new allies, then with old friends. I still went on and pwned some, got pwned as well by some, and then I got pwned some more :D :p Conch + Nado + Flash Bombs + EQs FTW!

At some point, most of my Old ToP friends had gone inactive, and some totally quit, there were too many new people I don't know. Some old players on some new characters. New owners of some familiar characters. Some friends turned to strangers. Some strangers acting all friendly. Old enemies became allies, and old allies became enemies. All the fun drained out of the game as I saw it...

I thought of doing some serious leveling up, some real hard work I've never done before and upgrading into the new ToP II Voyager, in the hopes of enjoying playing again, but I was already 16 yrs. old by that time, about to finish high school, and College is almost at hand, so I decided not to. A few months more later after that, I quit the game. Got too busy in college for the past few years and sadly, i never even heard the news when TOP II had closed :confused::(
(I just learned that it's already closed down only last August 2016, and I only saw this announcement today, with a heavy heart as it said :()

Quoting the Tales of Pirates Farewell Video from ToP2entertainment that I saw...

When something you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure...

For some, the journey's slow, and for some, the journey's quicker..
Our journey finally ends now...

Thank you for all the adventures, Thank you for all the friends...
Again, A lifetime... Gone... but not forgotten

So... that's that
I called it, as I saw it...
That's how it all went down, it's my story and i'm sticking to it
This is the end of my journey... This is where my story ends... :);)

Any old player from Eclipse Isle 2009 - 2013, out there? let's do some catching up on old times.
Don't be stingy, I don't need help in starting up here, honestly, it's too damn hard i admit, add that to my laziness, but still, i think i'll manage..
Just some friendly face and stories of old'll be enough


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Apr 8, 2017
Hey Kagamin I am also a player from Eclipse, I played that server for 2 years, :) now i came here to start again.


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Sep 25, 2016
Nice memories~ i wish i didnt format my pc >.< all of my old memories are gone~ and nice interview~ haha Asta ~ marwan ! North gly and manuela~ plus Klio~ from interview all of em old friends of mine~ wish they come play here hehe. Thanks for sharing the old memories^^