Social Event Decide Our Next Event - DONE [April 11 2019]


Staff member
May 31, 2016
We're excited to allow players to simultaneously participate in deciding which event they want to see and enjoy the event itself. "Decide our next event" is simply known as D.O.N.E., and it works primarily with gleam, for those who do not know what gleam is, gleam is a web application that designed to allow fair and quick contest giveaways. We've elected to use this service to encourage and gather all players' votes (and give out rewards to those people who vote). To kick-off, We're going have something more simple and elegant for everyone, to D.O.N.E., all you need to do is enter the official gleam contest, and perform the necessary task-list, and you officially become eligible to contest rewards, PLUS whichever the outcome will determine what event to be hosted upcoming. Joining and completing the contest will be known as "DONE" so when we have yet another contest, you can ask your friends if "have you yet DONE?" aka "have you decide our next event?".

Once again, this is an event that determines the NEXT event, and so, we encourage you to DONE and ask your friends if they have DONE yet too.

Pirate King Online Team