Breaking the last abaddon seal [Kuroo]


Squid Slayer
Apr 6, 2018


Since ancient times, the portal to enter to abaddon 10 and forward, was sealed with a powerful spell conjured over a dark sea where lives the infernal Abyss Beast - Kuroo .
Bravely and encourage pirates are required to face the ignite strength of the beast and continue with the travel to the deepest.

Thanks to the goddess, I'm here, to show you how to break the last seal and not to find a terrible die in the attempt.

  • Blue spiral: where players appears coming from abaddon 8.
  • Green spiral: teleport to abaddon 10 (Kuroo needs to be defeated to enter).
  • Dragon icon: boss location.
  • Yellow Arrows: boss movement.
As Kuroo is a sea boss, we need to involve in battle to the king of sea: Voyagers.

I has identified that the squad is conformed by 3 roles:
  • Leader: is the player (with eagle ship) that gonna use algae and curtain on kuroo. Is important that only the leader must use those skills, so if u are not the one who is leading avoid to use it.
  • Damager: are the players (with white shark ship) that has to melee kuroo just after Leader used algae. You need to check algae use effect on Leader to atack kuroo (4 hits and then run back till leader use algae again).
  • Manu user: as damagers just aditionally they are going to use Ship Flamer Lv1 , Ship Penetrator Lv1 , etc. (Is important to identify who gonna use the manus considering that the effect doesn't stacks).
The recommended ships are:
For Leader role. You can get this ship at Icicle.
Great White Shark
For Damager and Manu user role. You can get this ship in Thundoria.
I recommend ship lv 30+
As I said, the most important role (who needs to have more experience than other players) is the Leader.
The hunting process is quite easy if the Leader knows what to do.

Basically Kuroo can be defeated without any sea voyager dead, following the next steps:
  • The Leader have to init the hunting using algae and curtain (Is neccesary had maxed those skills only for the leader). The important thing here is that algae effect doesn't stack, so it has to be used inmediatly when effect has passed and skill is ready again.
  • The Damager squad should be vigilant on the algae effect over the boss or over the leader, then they can start atacking (I recommend make 4 hits and then go back till leader uses algae again).
  • The Manu user has to use flamers and penetrators following Leader skills and hit like Damager.
  • Once the hunting starts, Kuroo gonna follow the squad from his original position to 6 and then he will back (See yellow arrows on the map).
Algae effect on character
Algae effect on mob
When Kuroo is defeated
  • Prepare a good quantity of manus for the hunt.
  • Is better if players are in any voice chanel.
  • Repair your ship when is needed. To do this you have to go to 3 (by sea) and then back to 9 by land, where the harbor operator is.
  • Get all the sea voyagers in the same guild so curtain will not damage them.
  • Let me know me if any info is missing or if anything is wrong.