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  1. Spidpex

    this game is too hard for new player

    I had a levling guide on my youtube channel from scratch, it was nice
  2. Spidpex

    Active Soon :)

    UR BACK!!!!!! MY friend <333 I missed u!!
  3. Spidpex

    Santa Socks gave wrong items!

    i think its the wrong place to put such a topic, put it in support instead, and not uservoice
  4. Spidpex

    Merry christmas everyone!

    Merry christmas everyone!
  5. Spidpex

    Here's info about it

    Here's info about it
  6. Spidpex

    back from top1 :)

    Maybe once a month or once a 2-3 months
  7. Spidpex

    Payment method for purchase of RUM

  8. Spidpex
  9. Spidpex

    Mall Event Apparel Bazaar

  10. Spidpex

    Don't go!

    O_O? This server is not gona dissapear! dont wory man! :D
  11. Spidpex

    back from top1 :)

    Welcome man!
  12. Spidpex

    Suspended account without any reason

    true i'm a silly goose, but atleast i'm not a botter Answer is yes, the proof was even put RIGHT after ur post.. xDDDD very wrong, look at JohnMerah, massive buyer of rum, and he got banned for botting too, WITH PROOF! So you're a hillary clinton voter, corrupt as fuck :D
  13. Spidpex

    Suspended account without any reason

    Dude you got caught red handed botting, stop playing the victim card like all those youtubers do in their apolegy videos!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  14. Spidpex

    So much for "original"

    disagree, keep it untradable! :cool:
  15. Spidpex

    So much for "original"

    Lets not be angry just cuz we didnt win, its pointless
  16. Spidpex

    Suspend account with no motive

    Try to write it in english instead, that way its easier for Developer to look into it :)
  17. Spidpex

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    Man, you've got some skills at this :o Really liked this one!!
  18. Spidpex


    Quick question: why did he want to frame some1?
  19. Spidpex

    my characters has been deleted...

    Maybe its the bug where you just gota restart your computer and its all good again?