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    Planned Guild History

    Easy,only need delete alls logs every week
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    Declined Ref Gem

    all guild lost like 20-30m p Dw for no drops nothing and have many loots ok
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    Declined Ref Gem

    back drop ref gem in dw boss
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    Name Change Card

    Nice my new nick is ImNotCryLoud
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    Sm or Cleric?

    Sm is Suport ,cler need one pet lv 41 and lv 70 =3k bolt and tank slash
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    Guide Seal Master Ofensiva (Hibrida) PT/BR

    e tanka slash de qualquer um agora, sm ofensiva não tanka nem slash do Punish3r
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    Guide Seal Master Ofensiva (Hibrida) PT/BR

    cler da 4k no bolt facil
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    Guide Seal Master Ofensiva (Hibrida) PT/BR

    SM é suport,nada alem disso quer ser ofensivo faz cler isso é um insulto a mim..
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    EXP from quests past lv80

    Quero que você se foda
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    Refs in mall too?

    ref é a única gema que não pode ter no mall se não fode
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    Refs in mall too?

    NÃO VOCÊ O cara
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    Refs in mall too?

    esse cara é louco tem como não kkk
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    Refs in mall too?

    Where 1m is a lot, you use it to do everything, so any amount of ref is not enough .
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    Where are these things?

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    Abaddon 5-9

    you ass rest have 50 players vs 10-15 lol dafuq
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    News One Year

    Haha Puni
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    The Potions of the Event, after the event was still valid? (Until I finish what I have) @Zankza (se tiver escrito errado @LuisaRLZ me corrija ) Thanks
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    Kraken bug

    Seeker,not bull i think zalukia