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    Story Quest Bugged

    Hi MZarur, please try to complete this quest while in a Pirate guild if you are in a Navy guild or without one.
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    In game items selling for real money

    Player-based submissions are invalid. Thanks for your vigilance onto this matter.
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    Can't open game

    Hello Piggix. Please open your channels. To do so, follow the (super high quality) instructions depicted below:
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    Cant run client

    Step 1. Run CC Cleaner Step 2. Restart Pc Step 3.Run Version check on the launcher
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    Cant run client

    This is an issue that occurs when your antivirus has been blocking the launcher from updating certain files. It's fixed by downloading a registry cleaner (CC Cleaner) and/or optionally reformatting your entire pc, and download the client on new without any antivirus on
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    plz help me how can i fix this ?

    Please show us a screenshot so we can get a better understanding of your problem. Also make sure to check that your channels aren't simply muted. This is done by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to the chat box and clicking on each channel in order to mute or unmute them.
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    Can't open game

    Hello Piggix. Can you please show us a screenshot of the game once you log in?
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    Clean Disciple List

    You can delete your disciples, but it costs reputation.
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    infinite accelerator bug

    Thank you for reporting. We will put this on our task list to fix in the upcoming updates.
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    plz help me how can i fix this ?

    Hello Djdomas, still having this problem ?
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    Facebook problem

    Hello Bunny. Because of this we always ask our players to use their real Facebook Accounts. If you would like more game accounts, just invite friends. About your question: If your facebook account gets permanently banned, or the email it was registered with gets banned/deleted, your game...
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    I dont get my Rums

    Great :) Have fun!
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    scammed by trade window

    Hello Givera, we haven't found any possible bug that could lead to such a "scamm", therefore unafortunately we will have to achieve this as a human error. Maybe you got too excited or wrongly clicked on confirm? Happens when you do many trades. Please be more careful on the future! In case you...
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    scammed by trade window

    Hello Givera. We currently have no other reports of such a bug. We will have our developers check it out, but for the time being we will have to classify this as a human mistake and therefore we can't help you any further. Please provide us with more information so we can work on it and see if...