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  1. fisher5

    [oss] is it ug 0.28% on oss??

    I didn't get a single UG in 1327 OSS, yes over 13 stacks without UG. Some lucky people are making fortune on OSS and the others lose one.
  2. fisher5

    Greetings Fellow Ds Players !

    -I'm not active lately so my guild also is not active thats why there is probably 0 pk atm. The only guild good to join right now is Mitgard. You wont earn much money in ds. The only thing worth something is actually ref gem. I believe in Mitgard has share system something like - be active on X...
  3. fisher5

    Chat system/minor bugs

    Click on this small area as picture says and check if you have enabled all chat settings.
  4. fisher5

    Voyager ship battle guide??

    To be more precise for shark sea voy character whirlpool to be lvl 1 and rest points into current because Shark ship has lower speed than Eagle. You should end up on lvl 55 character with lvl 10 entagle, lvl 10 curtain, lvl 4 tail wind, lvl 1 whirlpol, lvl 6 current plus few other skills that...
  5. fisher5

    Thoughts on a Seal master guild?

    Full SM guild would work better than full Crus guild but still would be bad. I prefer having class variety in my DS guild thats why I won't ever make one full of Clerics only. Although it's good if most of guild members are Clerics ;) Unfortunately in my guild I always had only like 3/4 Clers at...
  6. fisher5

    Thoughts on a Seal master guild?

    These days no1 plays Sealmaster in existing DS guilds. Simply Crusaders and Clerics are the best choice for DS. If you are rich then go for Crusader if you are poor then even with lv 35 uns eq Cleric will be very good and usefull. Having guild full of Sealmasters could work nice if only (lets...
  7. fisher5

    Game Event Game Event - Hocus Pocus' Premonition

    Year ago we killed BD in under 4 minutes, so I think this year it won't take much longer than that.
  8. fisher5

    Please help me find this guy!!! Kousuke (fairy tail guild leader)

    I was leader of 7 deadly sins. Now I am one of BridgeBurners leaders
  9. fisher5

    Please help me find this guy!!! Kousuke (fairy tail guild leader)

    Actually they joined mine guild :) I'm Mia from BridgeBurners. You should ask other people from BridgeBurners guild they might remember this Keisuke guy.
  10. fisher5

    Please help me find this guy!!! Kousuke (fairy tail guild leader)

    MsWannabe - for now is gone (since like 2 months) don't know if he is gonna be back. His chars that he played recently are Boombayah and MsRyza. 7avage - also not very active since at least 1 month. I guess he became busy with family stuff. Don't know who Keisuke is but most of Fairy Tail guild...
  11. fisher5

    Buffing SS

    Cracked/Broken Gem of Striking - how about making it actually be worth something. At the moment this gem is useless. I heard few ppl complaining about bow ss that there is no good bow around. So my point is would it be possible to make cracked/broken gem of striking able to forge into bow's. At...
  12. fisher5

    Question about using possesion.

    You should read this guide And last line of it will answer your question. I believe this guide was written by one of staff members.
  13. fisher5

    Question about using possesion.

    Fairy of luc gives critical hit chance after using possesion
  14. fisher5

    How to disable stalls

    Ctrl + s
  15. fisher5

    Game Event Pirate Lords Siege

    We have to take revenge on last year's failure!
  16. fisher5

    Mermaid Queen Missing?

    In the database you can see the area in which Mermaid Queen is able to spawn. Better ask on world chat for exact cords.
  17. fisher5

    Mermaid Queen Missing?

    Use PKO database for cordinates. Spawn of mobs changes every game restart.
  18. fisher5


    Fairy of evil does not double player's stats when poss is on, it increases exp rate. Formula: level of pet * 2% of EXP added. This means a level 30 Fairy of Evil will increase your EXP to x1.6 in Poss. I will also mention that fairy of luck works the same but it gives extra critical hit rate and...
  19. fisher5

    Bug. Dead player nickname is displayed over mobs, trees, ores

    Weird bug appeared inside Dark Swamp after player XerresDS died in DS. He let mob (Swamp Bog) kill him. After he died there was his nick displayed over monsters/trees/ores but only when I was holding shift and my camera was set between north and west direction.
  20. fisher5

    Random clients crashes, having to re-activate every chat possible everytime you log on.

    +1 about crashes. About the chat issue - you have them dissabled. Click on the area shown on my picture and select what chat you wanna see. Update. Leba was faster by just few seconds...