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  1. Axely

    Halloween Event Lost Costumes

    lvl limit/?
  2. Axely

    Endeavor Emblem

    i saw someone has it in stall
  3. Axely

    News Tidbits [10-19-2018]

    ayy that auto ration finally fixed, exp problem as in healing lose xp reduction problem? ;d
  4. Axely

    Jackpot Bug

    just restart your client, your client must be 20 hours old
  5. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    But that's not how it's played... there exists a reason for that. You could say voy was meant to be a hybrid class (because their uns equipment gives str, agi, aspd% and spr) but that's not how they're played. To be fair, there was a voyager back in china PKO were build with full agi and spr...
  6. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    its a sad truth that we do not have as big player base as OSRS, and im pretty sure server cannot even hold 5000+ players... "It's not about Taunt, it's about how aggro works. If you can manage aggro and Taunt effectively enough, there's no boss in the game you can't do, there's no need to make...
  7. Axely

    Social Event Decide Our Next Event - DONE [10-1-2018]

    we reached 700+ so are we doing it this weekend
  8. Axely

    Under Review Stack fusion scroll and strengthening scroll

    i agree that thing is annoying as poop
  9. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    Offtopic off topic here, even thou that this server is suppose to bring nostalgia to people but at the same time, if @Developer wants to really make money, they need to think of a proper way to make the game fresh and new and unique. Oldschool Runescape was introduced on 2013 started off as...
  10. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    for people that disagree with the idea, i can tell you have never play any other mmorpg other than PKO/TOP , u need to understand that champ is suppose to be a tanky class and able to TAKE aggro by using certain skill to TANK the mob/boss for us. Taunt does not work all the time even with lv10...
  11. Axely

    Star of Unity

    its RNG , exp is unrelated
  12. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    well they can limit the effect to champ only, just llike what they did with other skills that gives specific stats if _____ skill is lv 1-10
  13. Axely

    Make Taunt skill work 100% on CHAMP ONLY

    as the title said, with this , tank can actually use the taunt skill to take aggro off the boss or mob. make it that it replaces aggro if another champ use it on the mob too.
  14. Axely

    LV1-90 XP TABLE [August 2018]

    i think theres some weird calculation here, half of these is from zank and half is from dev but yeah im gonna put this list here LVL XP Needed Total XP 1 0 0 2 5 5 3 10 15 4 20 35 5 66 101 6...
  15. Axely

    LV1-90 XP TABLE [August 2018]

    i felt like starting from the 74 to 75 part is wrong , the total xp thing is making it confusing :thinking:
  16. Axely

    Started can we get a darkskin webpage for pko please

    as the title said . white lights are blinding me!
  17. Axely

    Old TOP 1 and 2 Player returning.

    this is the stat of a maxed gemmed bow ss with buff and poss , with pots can reach about 3.6-3.7k max
  18. Axely

    Old TOP 1 and 2 Player returning.

    The thing is Bow ss is not that good because it loses in skill compare to gun, ss can only slow down the opponent with frozen arrow, but the cooldown for it is much much longer than cripple, ++ cripple can be recycled using it over and over on 1 person. Bow ss doesnt really have any CC which is...
  19. Axely

    Certain apparel makes my character invisible.

    wonder when is new engines gonna be up