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  1. McBabyBrei

    Harassment on the world chat

    Syotebi dont get mad coz u lost CA :/ If we bann everyone who insults, server would be dead
  2. McBabyBrei


    Thanks, this fixed it. the auto detect tool you posted found a not installed driver. it installed it, now i can see all apps.
  3. McBabyBrei


    AMD Radeon HD 7850
  4. McBabyBrei


  5. McBabyBrei


    Nope didnt help..
  6. McBabyBrei


    Hi, i cant see all the new released limited Apps - Relogging didnt fixed the problem - reinstalling client didnt fixed the problem - Version Check didnt fixed the problem @Zankza @Developer
  7. McBabyBrei

    Summer monsters re-organised?

    please fix this, make the spawn points like before the restart.
  8. McBabyBrei

    Buying List

    Buying: 10x Gem of Rage 19m 4x Gem of Colo 9.5m 3x Gem of Wind 11m Lv20-30 Con Pet just pm me on discord for more details: McBabyBrei#2063 Edit: all bought, dont pm
  9. McBabyBrei

    People using CA tweaks still to gain advantage.

    I think Japs video showed us which CA version is prefered by the server @Zankza did the right thing with removing blind CA
  10. McBabyBrei

    Event EXP Carnivals

    why are these events not in weekend time lol?
  11. McBabyBrei

    Skill reset book?

    I think the Skill Reset Book should get added as soon as possible =D something between 299-499 Rums would be perfect.
  12. McBabyBrei

    News Launch Date Revealed

    I tried the "Version Check" many times too but i keep getting the Message on the Screenshot. if u look at the pkolauncherlog it says: "Failed to download ver.rec.pack ! [Code 404]"
  13. McBabyBrei

    Server Bad Ping

    got same problem Client Version: 1.09 Frame 4.5 is installed Windows 7 64 Bit
  14. McBabyBrei

    News Launch Date Revealed

    still cant log -.-
  15. McBabyBrei

    News Launch Date Revealed

    i tried it some hours ago too always getting this message.. since when is server off?
  16. McBabyBrei

    News Launch Date Revealed

    Hi, got problems with Client too. I tried the "Version Check" many times too but im getting this Message. Client Version: 1.09 Frame 4.5 is installed