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    PR and Defense guide

    I did not write this guide. I found it very helpful and wanted to share. Here is the original link for credit: As we know physical resist decreases damage received by percentage (PR 30 means you receive 30% less damage then it is...
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    Buying Rifle of Enigma

    Like the title says I'm looking for a fused/un-fused with lvl 1-5 Thanks!
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    Event Flash Sale

    @Developer why u make me wake up at 5am on a Saturday bro? that just aint right. lol
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    Selling and
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    Game Event Fairy, EXP and Drop Carnivals.

    will nana winners be announced before exp event starts?
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    Event Apparel Bazaar

    OMG now that is a hot set. They need some real shoes tho. gonna stub your toe when fighting the black dragon.
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    Story quest and skill pints

    Yep, I think you would need like 20 more points to max out everything. (lvl 10 gathering skills, lvl 7 creating skills)
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    Game Crashing - Assistance Needed

    I've had a couple of friends in the game tell me it crashes regularly. IE more than twice per day. Sometimes I know it is due to server issues, but I think a lot of it has to do with the available RAM on your computer. If you are running lots of programs this can freeze or crash programs like...
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    Star of Unity

    Hey everyone, Just wondering, does the lvl 50 weapon's stats rate go up with more experience or is that for something else? I've leveled about 10 disciples trying to get a decent stat weapon and no-go. Although I did not increase the experience in any of those rings.
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    Under Review Stack fusion scroll and strengthening scroll

    This would be great. I'd also appropriate those stupid being stackable too
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    Story quest and skill pints

    That's right it doesn't. According to the staff it is planned for the future, but no clue when. That was on a request and the changed the status to planned.
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    Story quest and skill pints

    Ok with 45 you can get a lvl 3 stall and lvl 7 of 6 skills and with LB 1 extra point. That just means you cant get Manu/Cooking/Crafting and analyzing to 7, just 3/4 of them. Not a big issue as they haven't released analyze yet. I'd like to be able to do all high lvl stuff with my main. but...
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    working on completing entire story quest

    working on completing entire story quest
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    Story quest and skill pints

    Hey everyone. Just curious. If you complete all of the story quest how many total points to skills does that give you?
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    Event Apparel Bazaar

    honestly i just want the Phyllis hair.
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    Old TOP 1 and 2 Player returning.

    I do appreciate the stability of things. Top level characters aren't so over the top that you can never catch up. Also with a cap of lvl 3 for BD gems its gives them a chance to gem up then an incentive to sell the gems on the market. Of course for what they are worth 60-120m. Anyway, there...
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    Old TOP 1 and 2 Player returning.

    Well I mean that as a class SS is difficult to play since you are naturally squishy and thus much harder to play than your slash and run characters. Striking gems are about 1.5m-3m nowadays whereas rage are about 18m, colo are 10m, and wind are around 10m too. Like in previous versions...
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    Cannot complete quest - I have quest item

    Thanks Leba, i completely forgot i put that in the bank.
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    Cannot complete quest - I have quest item

    Hello, I finally completed the goddess quest but it will not let me complete it. I re-logged, but it still has the complete button grayed out. I have the quest item to complete the quest. Any help would be appreciated. IGN: QueenAnne Quest: Testement of Piety Quest item: