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  1. Zankza

    Declined Put Refining gem 1 in the Story Quest

    We formerly had those additions, it was found abused too much, causing tons of deflation for economy-wise. The addition would hurt the market of stable economy.
  2. Zankza

    Declined Daily "salary" for playing the game

    We’re not interested in this kind of game model, we strive players to be more ambitious than being bribed to play.
  3. Zankza

    Declined Bring back refining gems from dw bosses

    We feel the demonic world bosses have enough of loots, the refining gem itself is almost everywhere, giving unnecessary inflation of supply.
  4. Zankza

    Declined Make lv4-5 gems 100% success rate. (Combine and forge)

    Forging success rate is concrete to our server economy flow, there is reason why our economy is pristine and makes sense in many ways. Disallowing failure or too much of slight bump into success rate will make the game decay quicker when everyone easily without challenge maxed out. We will not...
  5. Zankza

    Completed A server at South East Asia (SEA), so there would be at least two servers each on the other side of the planet.

    In 24 hours we’ve managed to pull off some of nasty hack, we’ve pieced together an impossible task by placing ~200 gateservers all over the world! Today every single player connects and plays Pirate King Online at ultra low latency! Please visit this news to learn more about M.A.C.H...
  6. Zankza

    Completed More guild slots.

    After overwhelming demand, we’ve gone to make relief quickly in under 24 hours after this idea was posted. Today all guilds can be expanded! Please read more about how this additional guild slots works today by visiting:
  7. Zankza

    Completed Bring back the Original Squids on Ctrl + 1-0

    We’ve reverted the choices. Enjoy the good ol’ squiddies.
  8. Zankza

    Completed Limited Wings

    We’re already working on this. Please stay tuned.
  9. Zankza

    Started Create guild bank

    We’re working on this now.
  10. Zankza

    Under Review New Server!!

    As much we’d love to add and expand more servers but we realize it’s not yet the right time to do that. If you are asking for more servers due to diverse of server geographic locations, I think you’ll find this news bit interesting: Until...
  11. Zankza

    Under Review Mounts

    We’re very astounded by the demand on this feature, we are not truly confident in this design change choice, we’ll need more data and supporters before determining specifications for mounts-related.
  12. Zankza

    Under Review Make deleted chars' names available

    Due to comprehensive tools we have used for debugging and customer service, it is not yet possible to allow name changes as they would not fit under our current business model. We need to be able to provide rapid development and superior customer service, and allowing name changes will confuse...
  13. Zankza

    Completed Skill reset

    We’re looking into adding skills reset without harming or taking away valuable contents such as rebirth quests. What would be considered as acceptable trade-off to skills reset?
  14. Zankza

    Planned Guild Properties

    The guilds should have abilities to purchase and own or at least operate a piece of land, perhaps purchase access/transportation to this guild island enriched with precious resources such as rare trees, big fishes, expensive ores, but however once guild takes over the land it will be fought back...
  15. Zankza

    Planned Ability to customize players face, similar to the hairstyling. Providing us a way to change our face, to new styles or at least other style.

    Ability to customize players face, similar to the hairstyling. Providing us a way to change our face, to new styles or at least other style.
  16. Zankza

    Planned Guild war

    We’ll need more diverse (real diversity not some breakdown of one parent guild) to able compete between guilds. To accomplish that we’ll need more bigger player base to in order assign big tasks with huge team-effort coordination winner-takes all.
  17. Zankza

    Delete Accounts

    No. Cannot.
  18. Zankza

    Delete Accounts

    What are you trying to do? What is it you are intending to accomplish here today? You want them to become "eliminated"? Just forget about them, Never use the accounts again.
  19. Zankza

    Delete Accounts

    Attention: Pirate King Online is international game but official support will be only given in written english language, if you wish to receive support, please write in written english! Thank you
  20. Zankza

    Ca for level 35 and below

    This has gone far enough today. The idea is certainly ubiquitous, but we are over-tasked currently. Maybe when we have bigger task force we can talk about some more lower-level focused content.