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  1. Spidpex

    News In Memory of Zankza

    His attitude was his charm, fuck i miss that guy man....
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    PLS,More event ,Attract new people,improve strengthen publicity

    I dont think the instagram would help alot....but idk
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    Nao Consigo Achar meu codigo 2fa
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    Can we have more Multi Race Apparel?

    you wish ;)
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    Leveling Improvement

    This is a topic that many has been made "pls release hexa every weekend" but if that were to happen, some major issues would pop up in-game, such as people NOT levling in normal days, people would completely abandon normal grind, if they could just "wait til hexa on weekend" and just play...
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    Planned Rum Vouchers?

    Not yet implanted in the game, we must wait for a update
  7. Spidpex

    Lustrious on SS gloves

    yep, its either crack/broken or UG, so you would have to pick one of these 3 type of gems of which who suits your budget the best
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    I want to buy Rums but i dont have pay pal

    You dont need a paypal account, you can just add your credit card in the checkout window of paypal, and pay directly like that
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    Game Event Hexathlon - 15-16/9/2018

    nope, only rare
  11. Spidpex

    Game Event Hexathlon - 15-16/9/2018

    i am 65, its a sign i shouldn t lvl xD
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    Adulting Sucks

    Come back ;( We miss u in-game!
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    Sea voy is up

    Sea voy is up
  14. Spidpex

    Can we have more Multi Race Apparel?

    Ninja app :D
  15. Spidpex

    EVENTS and alot of events

    This is the risky part, as nice as it sounds, it would bring a downside, people would not lvl in normal days, logoff, then onl come on the weekend, to then not return before 7 days later, so levling spaces will be crowded and frustrating, during these times. It's the same with hexa, if it's too...
  16. Spidpex

    Planned Rum Vouchers?

    I think its probably better to just add a rum barell as a seperate item in-game thats tradable
  17. Spidpex

    Certain apparel makes my character invisible.

    Its a old game engine, i think this is the main fault causing this :S
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    Game Event Hexathlon - 15-16/9/2018

    It''s a sign that i shouldn't get lv 66! :D
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    Game Event Hexathlon - 15-16/9/2018

  20. Spidpex

    Planned Rum Vouchers?

    Gift system? like mall gifting? via here on web?