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  1. dualswordmaster

    Fashion thread

  2. DW solo

    DW solo

    how to kill dw1 and dw2 boss
  3. [CA] old archives :)

    [CA] old archives :)

    ca pvp action
  4. [DW] 1 vs 5 try to never give up

    [DW] 1 vs 5 try to never give up

    dw pvp action
  5. [DW] try do my best

    [DW] try do my best

    dw pvp action
  6. [DW] sneaky peaky

    [DW] sneaky peaky

    dw pvp action
  7. dualswordmaster

    Class balances

    in battle 5 sm vs 5 cler brobably win clerics...
  8. dualswordmaster

    Advanced Arrows Tweak

    my favorite
  9. dualswordmaster

    Advanced Arrows Tweak

    old af :D
  10. dualswordmaster

    Cleric vs Seal Master

    if u want be killer and u think ur border 75 lvl u need choose cleric. SM can be killers but u need lv 80.
  11. dualswordmaster

    ORA tweak

    forge glow :D
  12. dualswordmaster

    CA Timing

    I disagree because with this system i can sleep good one night and have one free evening for real life stuff -.-
  13. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    server just miss top forge clerics. (hi playboy) clerics at this version of ToP deal ALOT dmg. can 2x bolt almost all cruses. playboy bolt my champ 5k bcz lvl diff bonus. 6 sec 10k dmg - its ALOT... and u forgot about uniq frozen skill wich one can save pro player if he got stun or save full...
  14. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    How u can discuss if u dont know what u talking about ?
  15. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    Other servers and PKO have balance difference. Also cap of gems. I play this game 10 year and pko alllmost 2 year i know what i talk. Thats why i ask try PKO pvp first than start topics like this.
  16. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    Maybe before u talk about this u play more PKO and try pvp?
  17. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    Ss can seal,cripple rosing for more attspeed...... lol i can talk about ss same as u about cruss.
  18. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    O rly think this server have best balance. All classes usefull. Its not crusader paradise. I try at pvp all classes. Also when they add abb10+ ss have chance get death bow.
  19. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    Ss have good dps and cheap dps. Strikes very cheap. For example ss with 41 fairy acc , 13acc glove+2 strike , 2 acc ring + 450 attc pot -2700 max. This set cost 33m in gold.... crus for this max need spend like 400-500m. Champs have skills for mob aggro. Taunt and one for aggro all mobs in...
  20. dualswordmaster

    Class Balance Discussion

    This server have best class balance. No need change anythink