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    Name Change Card

    Rip. Alright thanks.
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    Name Change Card

    Hello, i have a suggestion for Pko staff. I was wondering if u could take in consideration to add a Name Change Card to the item mall. Why i suggest this? Because sometimes players get bored of their nicknames or just simple wants a new one. I know the answer would be "Just create another...
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    Sq Buged?

    Bro once u already get the talisman, you have to talk again with the NPC Zombie - Hami, he will take ur talisman, and then you have to talk with Luna.
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    Game Event Leveling Banzai

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    Medal of Valor Itemization

    The answer is very simple: Honor book to mall, and all ur problems will be solved. We re just complicating the theme.
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    Stats Simulator

    @Zankza when will be ready?
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    Stats Simulator

    Hello, since i saw no one made a topic about this, i will do it. I wonder where is the stats simulator in the website? and if isnt here yet, wonder if you mind to put again here or na? It was very usefull for all those ppl like me who always want to change class or even who plan to modify...
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    Bliss stall

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    Bliss stall

    Hi, im selling the following equips: S> CA Frame 110% 2 sockets +4 shining fused lucky bull [SOLD] Doe 110% 2 sockets clean fused fork [SOLD] Doe 104% 2 socket +2 lv1 cracked rage lv1 Lust fused fork +7 Str boots lv55 Crus fused Solider 1 socket +6 Agi Gloves lv50 crus 1...
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    Cant edit-delete my own posts in forum.

    Now it works, thanks so much ;)
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    Cant edit-delete my own posts in forum.

    Hello, since the new website update, none can edit-delete our owns posts here. thats bad for those ppl like me who make guides or want even edit a word in their answers or just simply delete em. You can edit in the moment but after a time you cant anymore, that didnt happen in the past becuz...
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    Full guide of Dark Swamp

    Reserved too
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    Full guide of Dark Swamp

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    Full guide of Dark Swamp

    Hello, im making this guide because i see many people ask for information about Ds, because they want to join there or just to know about it, and since Dark Swamp is alive here, i think it could be usefull for all the people who still enjoy the maze. Important: This guide is based in my...
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    Possible to take out apparel of a fused item?

    Im agree to put a way to "fission" ur eqs from ur apparels, so u can get back the apparel and the unfused item, its really helpfull and u wont lose it at all.. specially with the limited apparels when its supposed if u get bored of it for a time, u should be able to get it again, since u already...
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    Future of fc

    Also the soul drop price is becuz its cheaper to make lv5 cracked soul which is like lv3 soul for 4m each than spend 30-35m in every soul.
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    Help about DS Cleric

    The main goal is to get Revive in lv55. So i recommend you to upgrade your skills in base to get Rev at that level. About the equips: Armor: You can use CA Frame or Unseal lv55, thats up to you, since Frame gives u more bolt damage, but the unseal lv55 gives u more sp for your ES. Shoes: Paw...
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    Question DS FC

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    Calling all Manufacturers!

    Good luck ;) we gonna wait u all in ds.