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  1. Zankza

    What's the cheapest class to play for a new player?

    You shouldn't worry about "cheapest" sense, it's better to build few characters that's set out for different purpose. Like you said, if you build a voyager you can power-level your own characters, and use the same voyager to farm many precious things.
  2. Zankza

    News Tidbits [01-19-2018]

    Chaos Argent now broadcasts some messages that includes: Kill Streaks: When character has killed someone else, and quickly make succession kills, all of players inside Chaos Argent will receive bicker notice about this feat. CA Stats: When Chaos Argent ends (closes) it now will broadcast various...
  3. Zankza

    Crafting problems

    Thanks for your comments.
  4. Zankza

    Crafting problems

    For now, you cannot make this item. Sorry. There is no plans to add it currently.
  5. Zankza

    Name Change Card

    No, because it encourages RWT of characters. Along scamming sprees.
  6. Zankza

    need clarification about calua.dll

    I do not think it's appropriate place to ask here, everyone on internet need to be super cautious about asking what "apps" to download. That being said, if any members suggests something, be wise about it.
  7. Zankza

    Hello, there is no purchasing VIP because all individuals are important here! You are already a VIP!

    Hello, there is no purchasing VIP because all individuals are important here! You are already a VIP!
  8. Zankza

    making account question ._.

    Make friends, then invite them.
  9. Zankza

    Comment by 'Zankza' in media 'lol'

  10. Zankza

    I used to play "tales of pirates" and i want my account ,

    Tales of Pirates is older entity that was licensed to operate similar version of game. While that entity is gone, we're here and new beginning. You cannot use tales of pirates details nor they exist here.
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    Hello, would you mind telling us what was the solution? How were you able to find solution?
  12. Zankza

    Can't Install PKO

    Go create your own topic, this is someone else's support topic. Please don't hijack other topics.
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    Your URL doesn't work. But welcome!
  15. Zankza

    News New Wings!

    Due to high demand for more wings, we're gonna go ahead and release even more wings. This time we're happy to announce there will be five more new wings being added to Item Mall! Those wings are not limited and be available forever with no quantity limits. All of the wings are priced 99 rums...
  16. Zankza


    Restart PC. Click Launcher Click Version Check button in Launcher Play!
  17. Zankza


    At this point, it means your internet is good. Your launcher is good. But something sits in middle of between, internet and launcher. Notable anti-viruses and firewall. Please uninstall your anti-virus and disable your firewall.
  18. Zankza


    Using Internet Explorer, Not chrome, please visit this web page: Your launcher cannot load this web page. It's trying to use internet but something is preventing it from using internet.
  19. Zankza


    OK, the error is logged into a file called PKOLAUNCHERLOG.txt it's a file inside your client, as shown in the dialog. Please open the file using notepad, and take screenshot of it's content, so we can see what error is. Thanks!