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  1. MZarur

    Pet Skill Auto Loot Item on Ground with no Delay

    It's actually very interesting, but i doubt that it woud happen. It would change some important facts due to pk while bossing and such. But i upvoted. :p
  2. MZarur

    Revamp Revive Skill

    Lv1 Heal 0% hp and every level increases 5%* that would be like top2, and yes, very cool idea!
  3. MZarur

    Guild Slot

  4. MZarur

    Planned Add Speed Potions in the game

    Hmm, the only ways i think: via Blueprint, via Mall (like it was in ToP), via Quest (abusable) and via Fairy Coin Chest (Signet/Royal Signet). note: If fairy coin chest ever happens in PKO, ppl might stop spending so many coins on jackpot.
  5. MZarur

    Planned Add Speed Potions in the game

    Maybe once or twice a year we have the chance of getting weightless potions via events. Would be cool if they get added in cooking bps or in the mall, so we can always use such potions. Maybe Skating potions, since weightless gives a lot more of speed...
  6. MZarur

    What's happening at Fortune Tree?

    Choppers gets exhausted working on those conditions.
  7. MZarur

    Story Quest Bugg or something

    LB gives around 5-6 points. I recommend you to try to talk with Tommy (east of silver mine), William (next to commerce) or Ditto (physician next to nurse). Also, check your bank for a parcel or letter. It can be required to active the quest on NPC.
  8. MZarur

    I was scammed for 500k

    LMAO thats so good
  9. MZarur

    Careful with this new "scamm"

    The saddest part is that a 20 herb bp is with 0 usage. Means that someone used it. Refund this guy.
  10. MZarur

    Translate the Game Rules & Terms for all languages

    After mestre13 ban i thought about it and i think that it would be useful, since many players wants to play, but not all of them speak/understand english. Main languages are: Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Philipino. Maybe French too... If there's a way to help, im free to...
  11. MZarur

    Swap mazes for a day

    "lazy high levels" is kinda contradictory. high level players have stacks and stacks of heaven entries anyways, and if u are willing to buy in a stall, that wont cost more than 500k, but whatever... the idea seems cool but too hard to be made/balanced. still, looking forward for something like...
  12. MZarur

    How to find out how much gold someone has?

    I remember about a guy when PKO just started called Pikachu. He knews all players levels. He even made stuff like "come arg ft. if i mess up ur level i pay u 1m. but if i guess it, u pay me 100k." some stuff like that... But i have no idea how to do such a thing, not even to know amount of money...
  13. MZarur

    Fairy Converter

    Make it possible to convert Fairy Coins in Elven Signets and Elven Signets in Elven Royal Signets. It would improve the manufacturing, cooking and crafting in the server.
  14. MZarur

    Bar PvP Event The 5th May 2018 - 20:00 UTC

    True.. Maybe more Level Brackets.
  15. MZarur

    Exp Boost Schedule

    Hello, Gabriel Figueiredo There is not any kind of regular schedule for events, it happens mostly in commemorative dates or after a long time without them. But you can stay tunned on Announcements and News for events and updates. Have a good day!
  16. MZarur

    Equipment shortcuts

    it would make ss's be able to swipe from bow to gun faster. it would make every class able to change pet faster and also equip pr neck. crusaders will only be able to put shield and boots for dodge.
  17. MZarur

    Planned Raise Lv Cap to 85-90

  18. MZarur

    Armor of Secrets

  19. MZarur

    Make Cleric Es Last after entering portal

    Sorry if you can't think in a good way to protect yourself of being slashed after entering in the portals... One day maybe you will notice. Sneak peek: Crystal.
  20. MZarur

    Make Cleric Es Last after entering portal

    Use your brain.