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    New in game name arrangement

    i will look more into your suggestion
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    News In Memory of Zankza

    fk! eventho i never knew him much, but tbh when i saw this i felt that i lost a close friend. My condolences to you and his family.
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    Planned Guild History

    dev working hard
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    i dont think it should ever exist in the game
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    keeb boshing, you're fun indeed xD
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    Valentines Story!

    to write* just saying and definitely u got one hella skill
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    Buying rums

    and u can use paypal
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    Buying rums

    u threw ur money? didnt u get the rums u paid for? isnt the server still on? what the hell are u talking about?
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    discord invite

    k nvm got it
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    discord invite

    i wrongly left pko discord and when i came here, i couldnt find the discord invite thing, can someone post a link?
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    first it wont be fair to remove 1 skill from crus, and add other to other class. each class has its pros and cons. second: dream on son ;)
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    Black Dragon PK Series

    fix your country
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    Buying lvl35+ 1gen pet str, acc, con

    i sell con lv34 18.5m
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    About FoxLvll

    this isnt foxlv2, so obviously u need to start a new account
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    Cant start the game

    Problem fixed after re -installing windows. Thanks for the support.
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    Cant start the game

    u can see the process in the screenshot yet i dont see no launcher :\
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    Cant start the game
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    Cant start the game

    windows 10 and 1 sec im providing a screenshot
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    Cant start the game

    does have anything to do with windows defender?