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    don't know how to delete this post

    delete this post please @Developer
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    Bar PvP Event The 5th May 2018 - 20:00 UTC

    kkkkkkkkk wp greed
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    Game Event April Fools

    This will be fun xd
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    DW Bosses HP

    I don't see how restricted has more players than showtime , also showtime has max gemmed players , many have switched from restricted to showtime but i haven't seen anyone complaining about that , also dw depends more on timezone rather than gems etc . Not all restricted members are active ...
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    DW Bosses HP

    totally agree
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    I abandoned the quest I reached in story quest and I can't continue doing it now .

    character name :Trunkss the quest was probably after past and tragedy aka after the lv2 refining gems I'd be thankful if you can help me continue the SQ @Developer
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    Forsaken City is Dead now!

    Exactly what happened , because of the bad drop which also led to bad or no pk .
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    Kraken bug

    yes I was there too ,can you check it out please ?! @Zankza @Developer
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    FCers and Canary Isle

    yeah it would be a lot easier than all the teleporting and the endless sea trip , great idea dude
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    Who is the best Choice, Lvl Up or go to FC?

    Well, FC is so much fun but less rewarding and levelling up is a bit hard and boring I say go FC and TRY to take down Toy Factory :P
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    Pirate King Online - Snufx [ Fc ]

    Awesome video bro , come back to FC <3
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    Realizing Refining Gem Supply

    I must agree , with the hard part of the story quest is not demanded for herbalists people tend to spam story quest more often , in fact some guys made it their main job like the amiquest#### and storyquest#### herbalists walking around . I say herbalists should do the SQ like every other class...
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    Foksaken City, No wonder the gave it that name.

    @CoralCutter @Djbrando40 well said guys and speaking of OSS , 1 is worth 75-80k it's true , but each fc we spend a lot more than that , on manus Ags and amps so literally anything in this game has more income than FC :(
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    Foksaken City, No wonder the gave it that name.

    We have already achieved the maximum level of relationships , we even host enemies to land and chat with us because there is nothing to fight for lol!
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    Foksaken City, No wonder the gave it that name.

    it could be hard sometimes , but sure a lot easier than refs.
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    Foksaken City, No wonder the gave it that name.

    @Zankza @Developer I don't actually know where to start , so I'll just get to it I'm an FC player and I really wanna know is there anything wrong with playing fc ? do you want people to go high level? because this is what I came up with after thinking about this drop rate ,it is pretty...
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    Regarding FC this is really boring .. Zankza help !

    I wanted to actually post another topic about FC , but since we're already here as mentioned above , we tried farming with more people and we were all on amps and it still did not work , we are still waiting until you do something to fix the situation in fc I hope you take under consideration...
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    Regarding FC this is really boring .. Zankza help !

    clerics do not have to do the last missions in story quest ,the killing 10 monsters each time, and the annubis klling ,and that makes it a lot easier for people , they just make clerics and do story quests multiple times and that gets them refs, and that is why the refs prices are so low, the...
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    Regarding FC this is really boring .. Zankza help !

    well yeah I've failed math ... more than once but we already strengthen our bounds when we chat while protecting or when we fight against the enemy and heal each other or defend the focused ones,etc. what about the DK ,we killed it with more than 5 people several times we were all on amps ,and...