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    Mercenary06 and Punish3r Harassment

    Anyways it wont change what they said i feel dissapointed about this game ppl, and u just tell me to ignore them nice! so its ok ill put them on ignore list anyways the whole world will see what kind of ppl play here, coz they dont pm me.. they talk by world like retarteds but its ok if u let...
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    Mercenary06 and Punish3r Hard retarded Harassment

    I think they got an osgarm when he killed me, also got mad and started saying all these things, this make the pko really sad and sick, they not playing for fun...
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    Help with Golden stall

    Hi, i used it with SexAppeal
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    Help with Golden stall

    6 hours later and still no replies ... @Zankza
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    Help with Golden stall

    Hello gm i bought golden stall and nothing happened... i reloged, restarted pc... even did check version and it is like i didnt use anything... i tried to use other golden pass and system doesnt let me... can u fix it plis? i used it with this account.
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    Hernes crus claw

    Discord : Seeker #2230
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    Hernes crus claw

    Got it... Talk to me by Discord, I´m Seeker.
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    Kraken bug

    And am sure he was who got the idea to do this... idk why they just dont delete this...
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    Kraken bug

    Exactly ... but is his char. Zalukia piloting
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    Kraken bug

    They wont tell u who were those 5x members, they wont expose themselves, theyre trying to cheat u. I remember there That sv NemesisS,WontPass, i saw Playl3oy, Bullistic, KrashNebula,Eucalipso,Zeth,BinMtawa, BinRaf they were.more than 5, but 5 needed kraken kill for their rb.
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    Kraken bug

    I were who ksed i got proves if u want :) thats why one of them said that " I hope ur daughter die" thats why... coz i ksed their kraken, they what are they expecting for? trying to cheat gms now to give u kraken for free? come on!
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    This is serious, Harassment.

    They were doing kraken, i went and ksed it, isnt it a part of the game? they´ve done it in other bosses. They already know i have a pretty daughter who is what i love more than anything and any1 and cant believe how can he be so inhuman, animal, sick, retarded to even think about my dauther and...
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    Ok time to show my version.

    Ok ok it was my char I am, Seeker and Mysthical, as everybody knows I am a higher and pro equipped char here and I see many ppl saying i scamed and many others things so plis thinkk a lil, first of all isnt impossible to scam ur own items dont u think? I lend my accouns acces while I were...
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    Or maybe u ll wait till all our team get annoyed and go sleep...
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    1hour 30min ago zankza said gimme a few minutes, it means 2 hours or more?
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    Any answer abou what is happening...

    Server down since 2 hours ago, so please i have no problem to wait, but with any answer at least?
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    Event Game Event - Hocus Pocus' Premonition

    So the bd who dead in spring isnt related to the BD who spawns on BD Lair...? so 2bds today?