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  1. Aimen

    Under Review Reroll Eq Stat

    i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Aimen

    Swap mazes for a day

    faill -1
  3. Aimen

    Valentines Story!

  4. Aimen

    snufx why he banned

    in my perspective i will probably quit the only reason i joined here cuz it was offical no priv server i got bored of gms bannin who ever they want about snufx we all kn his way to make money withe sq is not wrong right and i kn alot ppl ji here cus snufx is realy helpfully to pko he make alot...
  5. Aimen

    why i keep dc

    i cant log in onlay me or all ,,,?
  6. Aimen

    Gleam Giveaway

    you guys how i see if i won or no
  7. Aimen

    Can u not play this game in Singapore???

    i kn what he can do for worrk easy he just need to ues program Hotspot Shield fo chang his ipi
  8. Aimen


    batt batoo they not all bots my champ ther farming for 15 h in day but i nevr go afk so dont ben my champ mardoma xd
  9. Aimen

    Help Please i got a bug

    guys i cant log my acc what huppen
  10. Aimen

    Game Accounts' Information?

    bro when i log my acc i cant fund my chercter they delited alone bro plz anser me or help
  11. Aimen

    Rum/Item Mall Issue

    bro why when i log my acc i cant fund my chercter they delit it plz anser me bro