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  1. RRosa

    [GUIDE] Money making : Manufacturing

    What is Manufacturing? Manufacturing is the method used to create items which are usually related to PvP (Player vs Player) combat tricks. You may have seem some items such as : Flash Bomb : Ship Accelerator : Ship Atomizer : Sand Bag : All of those are produced by manufacturing, and only by...
  2. RRosa

    Forsaken city drops

    It seems that fc1 bosses dont drop broken gems anymore, although says the opposite. Do they drop broken gems? If they dont, why did they change it in pko? Thanks~~
  3. RRosa

    Check price for amp of luck

    How much does it cost atm?
  4. RRosa

    How does it take to complete a SQ until lv2 ref?

    When in top2, i used to do one SQ a day :p, but now with no auto-path system:(, some different and more difficult quests:eek:, difficult leveling :confused: and etc, I guess it might take longer.o_O So how does it take? Considering i've a voy.:D