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  1. khaiansarie1997

    Story Quest "Past"

    Hi so i need help here. The quest requires me to obtain Ancient Note from Sand Bandits and Ive been there for hours and hours of killing. but the mobs wont drop any Ancient Note for me. I have the quest, ive been killing Sand Bandits, but the mobs wont drop. Ive done this quest before on...
  2. khaiansarie1997

    Fusion, sockets, clean equipments???

    Hey, just a few questions on apparel fusion before I fuse anything sometime soon. So if I have a glove fused with two sockets (no gems), and I want to refuse that with a different clean equipment (no sockets), will I get the sockets after refusing?
  3. khaiansarie1997

    Leveling with sandbags?

    Wanted to know how many sandbags does it need to lvl up from Lv8 to Lv41. Or what are the best ways to Level them up. Thanks:)
  4. khaiansarie1997

    Sandbags Leveling?

    How many sandbags does it need to Lv up from Lv8-41? What's the fastest ways to lvl up people/alts from Lv8-41? :)
  5. khaiansarie1997

    B> BoI clean unfused x2

    B> BoI clean unfused x2 PM me here or in game Goonzalez
  6. khaiansarie1997

    Hitrate, Dodge, miss!

    Hello, I'd like some help with the calculation of how much hit rate needed to comfortably lvl up with as less miss as possible. This could help me predict the gems needed before I go lvling or in mazes. Defense, Dodge calculations could help also if there is any. Thanx
  7. khaiansarie1997

    Story quest tips?

    Hey all, I've started playing PKO again and I wanted to do SQ for gold, refs, etc. I've seen the guide on this forum but is there any extra tips to make it easy to go through SQ? Like I remember using a certain type of character would be easier like Ami? Can't remember. Hope someone can help me...