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  1. pooliver

    Exp not received for 20 minutes during leveling

    Hi Dev! I was leveling in Shaitan Mirage today. Teaming my Voyager ThunderPhoenix01 and Cleric PhoenixIsabelHQF. I entered the map at 0:00 UTC Nov.30 (or 24:00 UTC Nov.29) and leveled for 20 minutes, then I realized my Cleric is not receiving any exp. She is teamed up with my voyager, always in...
  2. pooliver

    Simulator Issue: SP for Spr is wrong for Cleric

    I was playing simulator to see what will 100 base stats do for each classes with no equipment on, and I think Cleric's max SP on Spr is wrong. According to Simulator, 100Spr for- Physical class = 530 SP Voy, SM = 1617SP Cleric = 1017SP I'm pretty sure the simulator is wrong on Cleric, I guess...
  3. pooliver

    Some Function froms new PKO China that's good to have

    I have been playing in PKO Chinese server since 2006. I would have to say some of their moves are not wise so they stopped their official Chinese server in 2011. However, a company bought their copyright and reopened the game as official server in 2017. They've added some new features that's not...
  4. pooliver

    Can I fuse equipment for different body type?

    For example, can I get a piece of appeal for lance that's fused with some stats equipment, and fuse that whole thing into a piece of appeal that's for Phyliss to transfer the stats? Thanks!
  5. pooliver

    Can I play PKO with a Mac?

    Can I play PKO with a Mac with a Windows Virtual Machine like Parallels Desktop? Thanks!