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  1. xmarwan

    [Discussion] Current situation of the server (Updates etc.)

    One more thing to add.. Other than updates, we barely have any in-game events, I’m sure there r many ideas around to make the game fun for people, if there’s lack of updates at least events would cover that up and make stuff more fun..
  2. xmarwan

    Demonic Dragon Soul Pieces

    Not available yet in PKO, those are top2 stuff not added here yet since they require way higher level cap and lots of contents before adding them.
  3. xmarwan

    [Discussion] Current situation of the server (Updates etc.)

    Let me try to explain it in a different way. We really appreciate the updates made by the Developers to make the game so stable and nearly never experience unnecessary server Restarts, PKO is way better than any game out there regarding this issue and we know how much effort the devs put into...
  4. xmarwan

    [Discussion] Current situation of the server (Updates etc.)

    I fully agree with what Leba said here, I will drop my speech later, but Leba already mentioned everything about the current situation and what we players see. I suppose everyone in the server feel the same way or at least the majority.
  5. xmarwan

    Under Review Artemis Crownstone and Death cap

  6. xmarwan

    Gems Glow

    no one want tweaks
  7. xmarwan

    Declined [Pass to Abandon 4]

  8. xmarwan

    Declined [Pass to Abandon 4]

    Someone delete this shit looool
  9. xmarwan

    Gems Glow

    We got a lot of gems, but majority of them glow in red, why not change those glows to another colors, like more of yellow and blue since those are nice too -well mostly yellow- or if even possible, new colors, like a black/white/purple/pink/green glows..etc it would be cute to see different...
  10. xmarwan

    Declined [Pass to Abandon 4]

    Lol “prevent server monopoly” what a joke Higher rate = more tix = cheaper prices = drop in prices more and rums already too cheap that u can buy from stalls abd buy tickets. No.
  11. xmarwan

    Leviathan Bow

    ask @Developer, he might add them back in mall in small quantity if they were limited
  12. xmarwan

    Reputation Market

    Reputation used for entering CA, Mirage and Rebirth. mostly they Rep sellers, sell either 7k or 14k. 7k: Buyer, mentors 4 of the seller's chars, the seller then level them all to lv41, costs between 1.5m-2m nowadays. 14k: Same as 7k method, but the seller level those chars to level 55 to get...
  13. xmarwan

    Sharpshooter build?

    Going for Con - ACC, is useless because if u aren't OS, then you don't really do any damage, makes you just a sealer.. ACC - Con, same concept, you make good damage but you are OS at the end if you aren't heavily gemmed. Best option is: ACC - AGI, you do good damage, u hit fast, only bad thing...
  14. xmarwan

    Under Review Idea on how to fix Mirages

    Bump FIX PLZ
  15. xmarwan

    [Event]Bar MvM!

    I was planning to edit it but I’m currently too busy, maybe in the coming days.
  16. xmarwan

    [Event]Bar MvM!

  17. xmarwan

    Declined Move Abbandon 5+ opening time

    go option 1, and I swear I quit. ty