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    Under Review 2nd Rebirth

    Full agreed!!
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    sdadsda's stall owner

    I know. Just trying :/
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    sdadsda's stall owner

    Problem with stall! there was a misunderstanding on a purchase at sdadsda's stall, the owner, please contact me!
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    kkkk Trágico! Espero que ajude algum BR. Vamos lá! Manucrafting, Crafting (caso consiga fazer level 3+), coocking (lvl 3+), criando exp poss (veja um guia), vendendo Reputation, farmando minibosses (usando amps e um char especial para logar a cada 30 minutos), Vendendo Plvl (caso você aguente). :)
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    Personal Price Guide 2/12/19

    A update would be nice -.-
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    From ToP II Eclipse Isle with Love

    Hey tanks for share! I love the Voy class (Ami, because she is cute ahahah). May we ser out there.
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    Please help My client is crashing in Shaitan

    Its something that i was checking. Pko needs like 500mb off my ram. When i teleport to a area that has to many ppl, it chashs.
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    Please help My client is crashing in Shaitan

    Me too.. its crashing always that i teleport to shaitan. Report upload done