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  1. Scyth3

    Story quest

    I've written myself a guide on guildless SQ - so I know myself around. It follows the old guide ->, but in the second part of the quests the guide become not precise enough or it even gives wrong informations. If I copy your part here: 2)Click...
  2. Scyth3

    need help for lvling spots

    Just a quick correction, Mad boars are in Andes Forest and they have 600HP. Also as a SS hide behind objects such as trees and rocks, it helps a lot. Having a pocket buffer/healer also helps a TON.
  3. Scyth3

    End game Voy

    Thank you for your quick reply and advice. Got further questions if you don't mind :) This one is pumping 2.8k dmg - is that even possible with full con? (I know exp magic and 3rd rebirth gives 30% more dmg but still). Talking about pets, which skills should I have? Magic, recover, meditation...
  4. Scyth3

    End game Voy

    Hey guys, I currently have two lvl 65 voys. One is pure con and one is pure spr. Kinda want to put my effort into the full spirit one, but which one is better at the end game? Also i know i wont be seeing BD equips, so dragon lord is the level 75 eq for me (both chars are ami btw). But I'm...
  5. Scyth3

    Costum made apparels

    I'd buy it immediately!
  6. Scyth3

    Exp Bug

    Skeletal warrior gives 1424 exp per kill, snowman gives 1429 and cumbersome snowman gives 1264. Check the exp values here
  7. Scyth3

    Leveling Improvement

    Got a question though.. How come that the smugglers give you 300 exp in a party, when i soloed them they gave me 255..