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  1. dhatz11

    Declined Jackpot Winning Rate Enhancement

    maybe you can do something or put a little bit adjustment? I play jackpot more than one year and I cant stop playing coz I always enjoy surpirses that jackpot gives
  2. dhatz11

    Forum Event New Year drawing contest

    New Years Resolution Pirate King Online: I'll be a Billionaire "Lucky Jackpot" Character Name: oDhatz Link:
  3. dhatz11

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    It took me days to finish my drawing and month to grow my kittens XD.. Anyways thanks bro ;)
  4. dhatz11

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    Paper Child Pirate King Online: EZ Farm Blurry Blueprints Character Name: oDhatz Link: Now Fixed Thanks a lot :)
  5. dhatz11

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    I cant Insert Image here :( help?
  6. dhatz11

    Server off

    We need explanations why the developer always doing this. don't make us disappoint. :mad::mad::mad:
  7. dhatz11

    Cannot lauch PKO

    Yes I allow the program to open the launcher but suddenly after that no more pop up or even any notifications. I also have anti virus but its off.
  8. dhatz11

    Cannot lauch PKO

    I need help. I open Pko launcher but not appearing anything. I already reinstall the client but it does the same. Hope anyone can help me fix my problem.
  9. dhatz11

    Connection Failed

    same here
  10. dhatz11

    News Gems Addendum

    More Changes to come. Thanks:):cool:
  11. dhatz11

    Social Event Post-A-Screenshot SUMMER HEAT SELL, WAITING FOR PARTY MELONS :)