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  1. MrE2718

    Dragon Lord armor

    What's the best way to farm this armor for good stats? The mob drops for the armor and the beastie finestone are both essentially zero. Would OSS running or black market equips be better? Are there any other ways to farm it?
  2. MrE2718

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    Paper Child Pirate King Online: Oyster Farming Character Name: Nimbus Link:
  3. MrE2718

    Forum Event Paper Childrens

    Do characters have to be hand-drawn, or can they be computer edited/drawn? Example:
  4. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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  5. MrE2718

    Sea Commerce Prices

    So the tax quests are going to be made less burdensome? Lowering the barrier to entry would make commerce more viable at lower and mid levels, but if hi level is supposed to be for Lv60+, the rewards are too low for it to be viable, even with no barrier to entry.
  6. MrE2718

    Sea Commerce Prices

    I've been experimenting with sea commerce lately, and it is a viable way of farming gold, but is underutilized. The main reason for that, in my opinion, is the barrier to entry. The tax quests to unlock higher level good are tedious and annoying, but as with anything, if the reward is great...
  7. MrE2718

    EXP Scaling Penalty

    How exactly does the EXP penalty work for level differences? I know that full EXP is given for mobs that are between four levels below and nine levels above your character. Outside of that, how is the penalty applied?
  8. MrE2718

    Halloween Event Jack O Lantern Collection

    Runs Oct 27 till Oct 29. So does it end at start of Oct 29, or end of day Oct 29?
  9. MrE2718

    Sea Weather Not Happening

    Hi there, I was trying to recharge corals last night in Deep Blue. When I traveled to the location given by the System, there was nothing there. This happened multiple times. I was only chasing Thunderstorms and only tried in Deep Blue, so I don't know if other regions/weathers are affected...
  10. MrE2718

    Sea Commerce Goods

    I'm testing to see if sea commerce is a viable source of income. Are there any updated guides with the price ranges for sea commerce goods at various locations. I've found guides from 2008, but I don't know if they're up to date. For example, the guides say 75 Commerce Points (25 quests lines...
  11. MrE2718

    Equip Prefixes

    What are the possible equip prefixes (e.g. Colossus, Emerald Dragon, etc). I've searched the guides and couldn't find anything about this. Also, what are the 'drop' rates for each prefix? For example, given a , what are the drop rates for Cardic, Emerald Dragon, etc?