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  1. Spidpex

    News Security Update: Entry Guard

    This is why i love this damn game, they take account safety and security very seriously! Keep it up PKO Team!!!
  2. Spidpex

    Mall Event Flash Sale

    Useful stuff in here!
  3. Spidpex

    Under Review Allowing female to be a swordsmen.

    Or champion ami!
  4. Spidpex

    Under Review Allowing female to be a swordsmen.

    Shemales o.o
  5. Spidpex

    Sharpshooter build?

    @Dakiller this guy or @xmarwan knows this :)
  6. Spidpex

    Make the game compatible for Ubuntu! (Popular Linux Distribution for "Linux Gaming")

    I like the idea, but i think it requires alot of work!
  7. Spidpex

    [Event]Bar MvM!

    marwan streamed it, so i belive he archived the whole thing on his YT channel
  8. Spidpex

    How to buy RUM for the Bank slip?

    Xsolla got removed because the fee's were too high, so the only options now are the current ones The mobile pay one got removed too, high fee's and a very small % of the playerbase used it
  9. Spidpex

    Spidpex is my main char ^-^

    Spidpex is my main char ^-^
  10. Spidpex

    2fa "Cha second password not created"

    This can be a common mistake some people forget to do, a good reminder indeed! (happend to myself once aswell!)
  11. Spidpex

    Game Event Pirate Lords Siege

    I really hope we can make it this time!!
  12. Spidpex

    Under Review Allowing female to be a swordsmen.

    Problem is the buggy animations, females holds swords so weird...
  13. Spidpex

    nao consigo abrir o banker to tiltando

    Please write in english so the majority understands ur problem
  14. Spidpex

    [Event]Bar MvM!

    It was fun to be there and watch!
  15. Spidpex

    PKo Stickers for WhatsApp

    Nice!! :blue_squid_3:
  16. Spidpex

    [Event]Bar MvM!

    Good luck to all of you and may the best team win!
  17. Spidpex

    Declined 3 Socket

    Maybe if the game continues to age, who knows what will happend in the future? new gems? extra sockets? who knows
  18. Spidpex

    Bought Rums but nothing happen...

    Give it abit more time, sometimes paypal's processings can take abit longer than usual (happend to me once) and i had to wait 2.5 hours then i recived it Keep us updated!