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  1. batteria1

    Tips for DS Champ ?

    Hi everybody , i wanna make a DS champ just for fun and pking a bit , i got like 10m budget and i got already a str pet lv 37 2nd gen.. So , i wanted it to be slasher , a guy told me to go for +20 agi then full con , agi rings lv 50 and str pet , is that right ? Will cruzs break me easy ...
  2. batteria1

    Buyng / Selling

    Buyng lv 20+ 2 gen con pet Buyng voy knife +7con +12 spr Lv 60 con Rings Selling : AoE 13m Lv 50 Str rings 2.5m ea
  3. batteria1

    B > Kals

    Buyng 10x kal 6m ea , pm me ingame or here ----> Thorin
  4. batteria1


    Buyng : 2x Peter's Call 4.5m ea , lv60 Mspd Neck (hp) 5.5m , Standard Possession 5m Answer the thread or pm me ingame : Thorin
  5. batteria1

    How to bring new players (in my opinion)

    Hi guys , today Admin @Zankza asked in System Chat if we had any Idea on "how bring more players and keep the server alive" . I tried to answer in world chat but it was crowded as hell with people asking for "100 free rum xdxd" , so I'll try to explain myself here (sorry for my bad english,just...
  6. batteria1

    People Spamming "Server Dead"

    Can they be muted , or something ? Thanks ..
  7. batteria1

    Another way to get mall items ?

    Hello everybody , i was , thinkin .. How about to make an(hard)way to get things like lvUp Fruits for pet , Fairy Rations or something else ? I know it's a vanilla server and changes are kept at min. but it's also true , that it's a period where mallers ain't malling very much and ppl can't...
  8. batteria1

    FC Champ slasher ?

    Hello everybody , here am I again with a new question : today i was thinkin about making a con-agi FC champ that reaches 140 atk speed passive with double swords and with str pet , the problem is that i haven't any idea on how to make it(tried to google something but i didn't found anything)...
  9. batteria1

    Level 60 cruz swords (Question)

    Hi everybody , here I am again ,uhm i just reached lv 60 with my cruz and i got my enigma set (armor boots and swords) ,and i'm a slasher (well , for now only with the speed buff ) So, i still got eva swords 'cause i like the increased atk speed that they give to me, and i prefer them instead of...
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  11. batteria1

    Buyng DoE

    Hi everybody , buyng a DoE , clean and unfused if possible , pm ingame to GetRektBruh
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    Ehm , after using Gambling machine i got this error , already tried to restard the launcher but keeps tellin me the same error , uhm , what the hell ? Did version check too , seems everything okay , problem on the iteminfo ? ò_ò
  13. batteria1

    Cruz stats

    Hello everybody , first of all i tell u that i'd like to become a slasher dodger cruz like my old top1's char(but i don't remember wich stats i had), at level 50 i've got already the eva set ready (gloves,boots,armor and hope soon swords)and my question is , should i reach 210 atk speed without...
  14. batteria1

    Where should i plvl at lv 40 with my cruz ?

    Hi everyone , do u know some lv 40-45 45-50 spots where i could lv up ?
  15. batteria1

    ITA ??

    Bella raga , spero ci sia qualche italiano che gioca in game , sono un old player di top1 , volevo ricominciare :)