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    Where is black jewel

    You first need to go to treasure gulf from shaiatan. Once you are there sail to 450, 850 (not sure if that is exact spot but it is close. there will be a portal. be careful there is a guarding the portal. Once you go through that portal you will go up and around the long island. it has that...
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    75 gear stones

    @Leba I like your take on it. Yea i do know that the 2-3% was going to get some backlash, however I think it was justified. Although if instead of increasing the drop rate add it as exchangeable for reputation. I think that would be a viable solution. I like it.
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    75 gear stones

    I didn't base my suggestion on its current drop rate. I based it on the effort to to benefit ratio. A regular equipment will drop very rarely at 2-3%. I also factor in the effort needed for all of the other rare drops to be able to redeem one piece. Even at 3% drop rate you would have to invest...
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    75 gear stones

    Similar to the refining gem discussion I think that the drop rate should be increased for stones like ect. ect. I understand we are trying to make it a challenge to get the 75 gears, but you already have to gather a lot of items to create them with a low possibility of good stats. Having a...
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    FC Drop Rate 0.20%-0.25% Upgade!

    My question is why are you spending 500k-1m on a beginner maze? I'm guessing that's on all the pots and manu. I don't think these items are really intended for as much spamming in FC as they probably are. regardless, I do think if it is intended to keep a good reward system goin in all mazes a...
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    Forum Event New Year drawing contest

    wow so many of you are so freakin talented!! Great job on your entries!
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    you can also exchange rep for at
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    Mall Auction

    I like the idea. I do think it should be a limited event like when they release the scrolls for 65 rings and necklaces. Run it for 2-3 days and no BD gems and weapons ofc, but a few UG, a limited apparel or two, rations, and maybe some high level sandbags and manu. Nothing game changing but...
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    Adjustment to DE Guns

    I have same gun minus the BD eyes. Yea it does reduce the attack speed by another 1% Another thing to note. it appears that upgrading your weapon only affects the weapon itself. all added gems do not increase with upgrading. interesting.
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    Forum Event New Year drawing contest

    What kind of attached effect? I don't really understand that part. I will enter this contest. Another chance to get the set I want :D
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    Auto Collect Drops Item

    Hmm.. I think using pre-existing categories and different item animations would be more efficient. development team already has a lot of their plate and creating a whole new system just would take too much time and resources. Equipment like gloves/armor/weapons already use a standard model so...
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    thats interesting. I'll give that a try. I have no idea how many coins i've burned though but when i first stared i won 4 or 5 angelic dice and its been months since ive gotten anything remotely good. I hate to burn though so many coins with nothing to show for it.
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    Is jackpot completely random or is there any skill involved? I heard there was some way to increase your chances of better results but i haven't found anything official on it.
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    Adjustment to DE Guns

    The only gun that could potentially be better than the vanquisher is the but that would have to be a max roll item (IE 19 agi 19 acc or something close to that) right now I don't think you can get that blueprint. to make it since it is level 8. When I was first planning my SS I was looking for...
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    Dragon Lord armor

    I was considering using black market to obtain good 75 equipment. like this. The is about 0.7% drop rate and it costs about 100k a try so 10m a stack. If you got money to burn it could work, never actually tried it though.
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    They removed Bayside Wreckages?

    They are there. they spawn every 4 hours and those that know the respawn time generally get them before someone else is able to. best bet is to practice salvaging on other ships to make money while you wait to find out when they respawn.
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    Adjustment to DE Guns

    I currently use the and am working on getting the I don't think the bow really needs an adjustment. with its +12% attack speed and 50 movement speed and natural longer range it is an amazing weapon. True you lose your seals, but thats the handoff of using something this good. I think other...
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    Under Review Artemis Crownstone and Death cap

    Screw all that. Just put it in the mall for 3k rum
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    Christmas quest not allowing me to complete - fixed

    I found out the solution - No need to respond - thanks
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    Under Review Artemis Crownstone and Death cap

    what is hardin?