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    Under Review Pucca

    Make Pucca every weekend (Stack On Amps etc)
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    Declined 3 Socket

    Open The 3 Socket Slot ,And Add Chipped Gem, To guys put (Drop On DW Bosses,Ds,Fc 3% each Gem)
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    Guide Seal Master Ofensiva (Hibrida) PT/BR

    Esse Seu Guide é um lixo, vcoê deveria ser banido
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    Completed Summer Potion

    Summer Potions Forever
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    Staff 75 SM

    Fix Staff 75 SM Staff 65 Is :8Acc ,8 Con ,15 Spr ,10%Sp, 15% Sp Rec Staff 75 Is :20% SP Rec,6 Con,12 Spr, Staff75: 12% SP, 3 Agi , 15 Spr, i Think Best Stats Its 18 Spr,10 Con and 5% Max Hp
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    Declined Rums Bonus

    Make Event Rums 50% Bonus =)