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    RUM purchase

    under the minimap in game you can see a 'cart' icon. Click that to get into the mall, and you can turn 'rum barrels' into 'rums' and buy stuffs you want :)
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    I'm in doubt about something that happened in the game

    Did you check all three neck icons and sure they're the same neck? If you did win the red text should say you win something and give you 200g, not 'you need to work harder' :) i think it's possible that those three are different necks with same icon
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    Story quest tips?

    I don't think sq give lv1 refs. I heard class quests may give somer refs during mid level but I haven't tried...and yeah, after Anubis you get 2xlv2 ref voucher
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    Story quest tips?

    As Arthur mentioned. You can go high Con with some little spr. For the killing and farming (normal drops) you can kill with your main char. For quest bosses like , , you can get it to low HP with Main chars, relog main and do the final hits with alt. For quest items like , , you can get a couple...
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    Story Quest fail at the "Mischief Of The Fox Sage"

    So the sq can be continued before finish collecting all debts for . In Madrabbit's case, he didn't go and finish the part of , but system still let him go on, until he got bugged at the fox sage part. We later did some debugging and find he should go to Shuang and turn that in. Then we go fox...
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    Story quest tips?

    NP. SQ is a great way to make gold and it does not rely on market. If you can find a good way to work it out you can make decent amount of gold :)
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    Story quest tips?

    Yes, by making Ami Voy you'll be unable to skip Anubis. It depends on where're you gonna stop. If you stop at the 2x lv2 ref part, Cleric is the way to go.However if you want to get all the good gold reward at the spring/tunnel quests and work all the way till the part requiring beastie...
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    Story quest tips?

    Yeah, sq indeed provide good amount of money. I've some discussion with some pro sq-ers, and they prefer Ami Voyager. Voyager can skip that 10x sea killing quests, which save tons amount of time, and Ami quest in the later part is pretty easy to do. Also, Voyagers are good both land and sea even...
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    Story Quest fail at the "Mischief Of The Fox Sage"

    Hi Dev, my chars (PhoenixThunder, PhoenixIsabelHQF, and PhoenixInhibitor) are in same team as his char (Madrabbit) with same quest. My chars got the kill count but Madrabbit didn't. That really confused us. Please tell us what to do. Thanks!
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    Question about pet 1 gen and 2 gen

    Yep as per Leba mentioned. If you do that with the pets you have, You'll get: Lv10 Fairy of spirit, and it's stats is 10 agi Without Poss it gives you 10agi With Poss it gives you 10agi 10spr as poss lasts. In short...DO NOT do that :p
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    Reduce Rum Price Of Bow Apps

    I think it's reasonable to offer bow SS a budget-friendly option considering other classes all have some 25~49 rums option for their weapons. If Dev don't want to decrease the price for those two, they can design a new apparel which is in item mall as a regular apparel and cost-friendly.
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    Forum Event New Year drawing contest

    Wow so many nice art pieces! This contest is even more competitive than in-game PK :p It's great to see so many nice works. Thank you to all artists!
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    Forum Event New Year drawing contest

    Not even a shadow insignia? ;)
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    New players question.

    Hi there. Pirate King Online is a PC game and cannot be played on mobile devices. If you're playing some game that's on Android server then you must be talking about other games. Thanks :)
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    Old account suspended

    At least include the name of your old account...otherwise no way developers can know which account you're talking about...XD