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    About Coral Voucher

    Hello, I have a question: Database says that gives Either Stat Thunder or Wind corals, but how about and its lower lv versions, where do I get them? Thanks in advance.
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    Cant hand in story quest "Spiritual Strength"

    Have you tried restarting client?
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    Jackpot Bug

    Never ever happened to me.
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    Random DC's

    Same here. By the way, what is CF Server? I would like some ping reduction, as mine is always quite high.
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    Pirate King Online - Abaddon PK Highlights

    I wish I could go to Abaddon someday, but I'm just a poor voooy, I have no money here :(
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    I didn't know this, sorry. Anyway, I just wanted to leave a visual constancy of someone doing that, so maybe it can help to officialy identify this problem.
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    Event Apparel Bazaar

    Come on, it's so cool!
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    Botter (again)

    Really sick of this guy.
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    Botter at smugglers

    I remember in old old Top1 we had something like a password request each ammount of time. It was in battle zone, so every like hour or half an hour (or any ammount of time) of being inactive, system asked you to put your security code in a little box or you will get offline. Maybe @Dev can make...
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    Selling some stuff

    Hello! Post your name and offer if you are interested in the following items (I'll contact you in-game): — Con lv12 with Std Recover, Berserk and Novice Medi. —x2 — Lv6 (3 Str, 3 Con) Items are stalled in 2214, 2765 Argent, if you want to check them. Have a nice day!
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    Selling good DS crusader equipment - Updated 9/24

    Nvm :) You already sold it to me, thanks!
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    Selling good DS crusader equipment - Updated 9/24

    Would you accept 4m for the frame?
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    Trading Con pet lv12 2gen

    Hello! I want to trade my Lv12 Con pet 2gen with Standart Recover, Berserk and Novice Meditation for a pet somehow alike with Standart Magic instead of Zerk (Or no skills or whatever). I can add money (or you) depending on the pet difference level. Leave here your name and your pet...
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    FoE Lv16 SPR pet w 3 skills

    Std skills? I have a 2gen con pet lv12 with Std Zerk, recover and novice medi, I could add some money if you are interested.