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Greetings, pirates! It's time for a creative contest. Rules are simple – create a short looped video (coub) about Pirate King Online...
Love is in the air and players can feel it. Many pirates have been on long and tough journeys defeating troublesome bosses and claiming legendary...
Shaitan Silk & Clothes factory has in stock some nice fresh Chinese New Year style apparels as well as nice cat ears for sale. All the Items will...
It's getting warmer outside. Spring is near the corner. Is also getting his muscles stretched in a preparation for spring. Will you join? Grand...
All Items in this Flash Sale will be available from January 27 10 AM UTC. Pirate King Online Team
Shaitan Silk & Clothes factory just released a new series set of Apparels into the market. All the Items will be available on Sunday, January 27...

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