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Thanksgiving Event Thanksgiving Invitation

by Zankza on Monday, November 20, 2017

Granny Maya's worried some of her close relations will not visit her thanksgiving gathering, she has not yet heard back from the acquinates. She's worried that the envelope that mailed out to all of her guests might have not arrived entirely, opting for alternative, she will need help with escorting message to missing guests.

Duration: November 23th 00:00 to November 23 23:59

The Thanksgiving Invitation Quest will begin with Innkeeper - Granny Maya, Ascaron(697,1542) however you must approach Event NPC - Pappa, Ascaron(2222,2768) to accept the initial quest which will permit you to aid Granny Maya.

Note: Thanksgiving Events are part of series, they all run in parallels, you can choose to complete as many you want. However more you complete the more better reward you will receive after thanksgiving day is finished.​
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